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Perwein, T; Lackner, H; Ebetsberger-Dachs, G; Beham-Schmid, C; Zach, K; Tamesberger, M; Simonitsch-Klupp, I; Luftinger, R; Dworzak, M; Mann, G; Benesch, M; Attarbaschi, A; Management of children and adolescents with gray zone lymphoma: A case series.
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Riedl, JM; Barth, DA; Brueckl, WM; Zeitler, G; Foris, V; Mollnar, S; Stotz, M; Rossmann, CH; Terbuch, A; Balic, M; Niedrist, T; Bertsch, T; Stoeger, H; Pichler, M; Olschewski, H; Absenger, G; Ficker, JH; Gerger, A; Posch, F C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Levels in Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Response and Progression in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Bi-Center Study.
Cancers (Basel). 2020; 12(8):
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Theiler-Schwetz, V; Trummer, C; Richtig, E; Richtig, G; Pilz, S Thyroid disorders during immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy
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Pichler, R; Compérat, E; Klatte, T; Pichler, M; Loidl, W; Lusuardi, L; Schmidinger, M Renal Cell Carcinoma with Sarcomatoid Features: Finally New Therapeutic Hope?
Cancers (Basel). 2019; 11(3): 422 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Smolle, E; Leithner, K; Olschewski, H Oncogene addiction and tumor mutational burden in non-small-cell lung cancer: Clinical significance and limitations.
Thorac Cancer. 2019; [OPEN ACCESS]
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Smolle, MA; Prinz, F; Calin, GA; Pichler, M Current concepts of non-coding RNA regulation of immune checkpoints in cancer.
Mol Aspects Med. 2019; 70:117-126
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Mark, NM; Kargl, J; Busch, SE; Yang, GHY; Metz, HE; Zhang, H; Hubbard, JJ; Pipavath, SNJ; Madtes, DK; Houghton, AM Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Alters Immune Cell Composition and Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Efficacy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.
Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2018; 197(3):325-336 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Terbuch, A; Lopez, J Next Generation Cancer Vaccines-Make It Personal!
Vaccines (Basel). 2018; 6(3): [OPEN ACCESS]
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Becker, JC; Stang, A; DeCaprio, JA; Cerroni, L; Lebbé, C; Veness, M; Nghiem, P Merkel cell carcinoma.
Nat Rev Dis Primers. 2017; 3:17077-17077 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Hendry, S; Salgado, R; Gevaert, T; Russell, PA; John, T; Thapa, B; Christie, M; van de Vijver, K; Estrada, MV; Gonzalez-Ericsson, PI; Sanders, M; Solomon, B; Solinas, C; Van den Eynden, GGGM; Allory, Y; Preusser, M; Hainfellner, J; Pruneri, G; Vingiani, A; Demaria, S; Symmans, F; Nuciforo, P; Comerma, L; Thompson, EA; Lakhani, S; Kim, SR; Schnitt, S; Colpaert, C; Sotiriou, C; Scherer, SJ; Ignatiadis, M; Badve, S; Pierce, RH; Viale, G; Sirtaine, N; Penault-Llorca, F; Sugie, T; Fineberg, S; Paik, S; Srinivasan, A; Richardson, A; Wang, YH; Chmielik, E; Brock, J; Johnson, DB; Balko, J; Wienert, S; Bossuyt, V; Michiels, S; Ternes, N; Burchardi, N; Luen, SJ; Savas, P; Klauschen, F; Watson, PH; Nelson, BH; Criscitiello, C; O'Toole, S; Larsimont, D; de Wind, R; Curigliano, G; Andre, F; Lacroix-Triki, M; van de Vijver, M; Rojo, F; Floris, G; Bedri, S; Sparano, J; Rimm, D; Nielsen, T; Kos, Z; Hewitt, S; Singh, B; Farshid, G; Loibl, S; Allison, KH; Tung, N; Adams, S; Willard-Gallo, K; Horlings, HM; Gandhi, L; Moreira, A; Hirsch, F; Dieci, MV; Urbanowicz, M; Brcic, I; Korski, K; Gaire, F; Koeppen, H; Lo, A; Giltnane, J; Rebelatto, MC; Steele, KE; Zha, JP; Emancipator, K; Juco, JW; Denkert, C; Reis, J; Loi, S; Fox, SB Assessing Tumor-infiltrating Lymphocytes in Solid Tumors: A Practical Review for Pathologists and Proposal for a Standardized Method From the International Immunooncology Biomarkers Working Group: Part 1: Assessing the Host Immune Response, TILs in Invasive Breast Carcinoma and Ductal Carcinoma In Situ, Metastatic Tumor Deposits and Areas for Further Research
ADV ANAT PATHOL. 2017; 24(5): 235-251. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Zaric, B; Brcic, L; Buder, A; Tomuta, C; Brandstetter, A; Buresch, J; Traint, S; Stojsic, V; Kovacevic, T; Perin, B; Pirker, R; Filipits, M PD-1 Protein Expression Predicts Survival in Resected Adenocarcinomas of the Lung
J THORAC ONCOL. 2017; 12(1):S981-S981.-IASLC 17th World Conference on Lung Cancer; DEC 4-7, 2016; Vienna, AUSTRIA . [Poster]
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Richtig, G; Aigelsreiter, A; Kashofer, K; Talakic, E; Kupsa, R; Schaider, H; Richtig, E Two Case Reports of Rare BRAF Mutations in Exon 11 and Exon 15 with Discussion of Potential Treatment Options.
Case Rep Oncol. 2016; 9(3):543-546 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Woltsche, N; Schwab, C; Deinlein, T; Hofmann-Wellenhof, R; Zalaudek, I Dermoscopy in the era of dermato-oncology: from bed to bench side and retour.
Expert Rev Anticancer Ther. 2016; 16(5):531-541
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Mischinger, J; Comperat, E; Schwentner, C; Stenzl, A; Gakis, G Inflammation and Cancer: What Can We Therapeutically Expect from Checkpoint Inhibitors?
Curr Urol Rep. 2015; 16(9):59-59
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