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Tafeit, E; Möller, R; Jurimae, T; Sudi, K; Wallner, SJ Subcutaneous adipose tissue topography (SAT-Top) development in children and young adults.
Coll Antropol. 2007; 31(2): 395-402. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Jackowski, C; Thali, MJ; Buck, U; Aghayev, E; Sonnenschein, M; Yen, K; Dirnhofer, R; Vock, P Noninvasive estimation of organ weights by postmortem magnetic resonance imaging and multislice computed tomography.
Invest Radiol. 2006; 41(7):572-578
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Kurschel, S; Eder, HG; Schleef, J CSF shunts in children: endoscopically-assisted placement of the distal catheter.
CHILD NERV SYST. 2005; 21(1): 52-55.
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Nepp, J; Krepler, K; Jandrasits, K; Hauff, W; Hanselmayer, G; Velikay-Parel, M; Ossoinig, KC; Wedrich, A Biometry and refractive outcome of eyes filled with silicone oil by standardized echography and partial coherence interferometry.
GRAEF ARCH CLIN EXP OPHTHAL 2005 243: 967-972.
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Tomatsu, S; Gutierrez, MA; Ishimaru, T; Peña, OM; Montaño, AM; Maeda, H; Velez-Castrillon, S; Nishioka, T; Fachel, AA; Cooper, A; Thornley, M; Wraith, E; Barrera, LA; Laybauer, LS; Giugliani, R; Schwartz, IV; Frenking, GS; Beck, M; Kircher, SG; Paschke, E; Yamaguchi, S; Ullrich, K; Isogai, K; Suzuki, Y; Orii, T; Noguchi, A Heparan sulfate levels in mucopolysaccharidoses and mucolipidoses.
J Inherit Metab Dis. 2005; 28(5):743-757
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Benesch, M; Urban, C; Sykora, KW; Schwinger, W; Zintl, F; Lackner, H; Lang, P; Handgretinger, R Transplantation of highly purified CD34+ progenitor cells from alternative donors in children with refractory severe aplastic anaemia.
BRIT J HAEMATOL. 2004; 125(1): 58-63. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Wendelin, G; Kitzmüller, E; Salzer-Muhar, U PHACES: a neurocutaneous syndrome with anomalies of the aorta and supraaortic vessels.
Cardiol Young. 2004; 14(2): 206-209. (- Case Report)
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Midulla, F; de Blic, J; Barbato, A; Bush, A; Eber, E; Kotecha, S; Haxby, E; Moretti, C; Pohunek, P; Ratjen, F; ERS Task Force Flexible endoscopy of paediatric airways.
EUR RESP J 2003 22: 698-708. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Riccabona, M Imaging of renal tumours in infancy and childhood.
Eur Radiol. 2003; 13 Suppl 4:L116-L129
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Tafeit, E; Möller, R; Rackl, S; Giuliani, A; Urdl, W; Freytag, U; Crailsheim, K; Sudi, K; Horejsi, R Subcutaneous adipose tissue pattern in lean and obese women with polycystic ovary syndrome.
Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2003; 228(6):710-716 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Thali, MJ; Yen, K; Schweitzer, W; Vock, P; Boesch, C; Ozdoba, C; Schroth, G; Ith, M; Sonnenschein, M; Doernhoefer, T; Scheurer, E; Plattner, T; Dirnhofer, R Virtopsy, a new imaging horizon in forensic pathology: virtual autopsy by postmortem multislice computed tomography (MSCT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)--a feasibility study.
J Forensic Sci. 2003; 48(2):386-403
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Windhager, R; Welkerling, H; Kastner, N; Krepler, P Surgical therapy of pelvis and spine in primary malignant bone tumors
Orthopade. 2003; 32(11):971-982
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Seruga, T; Bunc, G; Klein, GE Helical high-resolution volume-rendered 3-dimensional computer tomography angiography in the detection of intracranial aneurysms.
J Neuroimaging. 2001; 11(3):280-286
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Mayr, JM; Pierer, GR; Linhart, WE Reconstruction of part of the distal tibial growth plate with an autologous graft from the iliac crest.
J BONE JOINT SURG-BRIT VOL 2000 82: 558-560. (- Case Report) [OPEN ACCESS]
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Saxena, AK; Schaarschmidt, K; Reich, A; Willital, GH Non-retractile foreskin: a single center 13-year experience.
Int Surg. 2000; 85(2):180-183
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Groell, R; Lindbichler, F; Riepl, T; Gherra, L; Roposch, A; Fotter, R The reliability of bone age determination in central European children using the Greulich and Pyle method.
BRIT J RADIOL 1999 72: 461-464. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Modl, M; Eber, E; Steinbrugger, B; Weinhandl, E; Zach, MS Comparing methods for assessing bronchial responsiveness in children: single step cold air challenge, multiple step cold air challenge, and histamine provocation.
EUR RESP J 1995 8: 1742-1747. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Steinbrugger, B; Eber, E; Modl, M; Weinhandl, E; Zach, MS A comparison of a single-step cold-dry air challenge and a routine histamine provocation for the assessment of bronchial responsiveness in children and adolescents.
CHEST 1995 108: 741-745. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Santler, G; Kärcher, H Criteria for selecting the donor region in microsurgical reconstruction of bone defects in the area of the mouth, jaw and face
Fortschr Kiefer Gesichtschir. 1994; 39(1): 116-118.



Athanasiou, AE; Droschl, H; Bosch, C Data and patterns of transverse dentofacial structure of 6- to 15-year-old children: a posteroanterior cephalometric study.
AMER J ORTHODONT DENT ORTHOP. 1992; 101(5): 465-471.
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Haselsberger, K; Oberbauer, RW Extracranial-intracranial arterial bypass after cerebral foreign body embolization: effective treatment of transient ischemic attacks.
NEUROSURGERY. 1992; 31(1): 141-144. (- Case Report)
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Eber, E; Varga, EM; Zach, MS Cold air challenge of airway reactivity in children: a correlation of transcutaneously measured oxygen tension and conventional lung functions.
PEDIAT PULM 1991 10: 273-277.
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Stein, JI; Gombotz, H; Rigler, B; Metzler, H; Suppan, C; Beitzke, A Open heart surgery in children of Jehovah's Witnesses: extreme hemodilution on cardiopulmonary bypass.
Pediatr Cardiol. 1991; 12(3):170-174
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Beitzke, A; Rigler, B; Jaklitsch, G; Suppan, C; Stein, JI Early and late results following total correction of Fallot's tetralogy in childhood
WIEN MED WOCHENSCHR. 1990; 140: 266-270.
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Jüttner, FM; Fellbaum, C; Popper, H; Arian, K; Pinter, H; Friehs, G Pitfalls in intraoperative frozen section histology of mediastinal neoplasms.
Eur J Cardiothorac Surg. 1990; 4(11):584-586
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Steinbrugger, B; Zach, M Bronchial reactivity in clinically symptom-free adolescent patients with asthma
MONATSSCHR KINDERHEILK. 1990; 138(7): 389-391.
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Mileder, P; Zach, M Provocation by cold air hyperventilation for measuring nonspecific bronchial reactivity in children--the normal range for a spectrum of variable lung function parameters
Wien Med Wochenschr Suppl. 1989; 104(6): suppl 38-suppl 39.


Steinbrugger, B; Zach, M Nonspecific reactivity of former pediatric patients with asthma in clinical remission
Wien Med Wochenschr Suppl. 1989; 104(6): suppl 45-suppl 46.



Urban, C; Borgna-Pignatti, C; Kaulfersch, W; Mutz, ID A combined bone marrow and spinal fluid aspiration technique using disposable spinal needles.
CLIN PEDIAT. 1983; 22(4): 304-305.
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