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Strobl, H; Scheinecker, C; Riedl, E; Csmarits, B; Bello-Fernandez, C; Pickl, WF; Majdic, O; Knapp, W.
Identification of CD68+lin- peripheral blood cells with dendritic precursor characteristics.
J Immunol. 1998; 161(2):740-748 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Strobl Herbert

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Expression of CD68 (macrosialin) in the absence of surface and lysosomal lineage marker molecules is a characteristic feature of T zone-associated plasmacytoid monocytes, which were recently shown to represent precursors of dendritic cells (DC). We demonstrate here a minor population of strongly CD68-positive (CD68bright) blood cells that lack all analyzed myeloid surface (CD14-, CD33-, CD13-, CD11b-, CD11c-) and lysosomal (myeloperoxidase, MPO- and lysozyme, LZ-) marker molecules (0.4 +/- 2% of the total mononuclear cells). These CD68bright, lineage marker-negative (lin-) cells can be induced to proliferate in the presence of IL-3. They do not acquire myeloid features even upon stimulation with granulocyte-macrophage CSF plus IL-1, IL-3, and IL-6. Instead, these cells develop typical DC characteristics upon culture. Furthermore, these CD68brightlin- DC precursors acquire mature DC characteristics (CD86+, CD83+, CD54bright) upon stimulation with CD40 ligand plus IL-3. A second subset of DC precursor-like blood cells was found to weakly express CD68 (0.3 +/- 0.2% of the total mononuclear cells) and to coexpress several myeloid lineage associated molecules (LZ+, CD11c+, CD33+, CD13+). Cells of this second subset resemble both previously described myeloid-related peripheral blood DC and germinal center DC. Analysis of peripheral blood leukocytes for CD68 thus revealed the existence of two cell subsets that phenotypically resemble lymphoid tissue-associated DC. The unique phenotype CD68brightlin- is highly reminiscent of T zone-associated plasmacytoid monocytes. CD68brightlin- blood leukocytes also functionally resemble plasmacytoid monocytes. The lack of all analyzed myeloid features by CD68brightlin- blood leukocytes suggests that these cells arise from a novel nonmyeloid human DC differentiation pathway.
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