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Scheinecker, C; Strobl, H; Fritsch, G; Csmarits, B; Krieger, O; Majdic, O; Knapp, W.
Granulomonocyte-associated lysosomal protein expression during in vitro expansion and differentiation of CD34+ hematopoietic progenitor cells.
Blood. 1995; 86(11):4115-4123 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Strobl Herbert

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Using an in vitro expansion and differentiation system for human CD34+ cord blood (CB) progenitor cells, we analyzed the induction and expression kinetics of the granulomonocyte associated lysosomal proteins myeloperoxidase (MPO), lysozyme (LZ), lactoferrin (LF), and macrosialin (CD68). Freshly isolated CD34+ CB cells were negative for LZ and LF, and only small proportions expressed MPO (4% +/- 2%) or CD68 (3% +/- 1%). Culturing of CD34+ cells for 14 days with interleukin (IL)-1, IL-3, IL-6, stem cell factor, granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF), and G-CSF resulted in on average a 1,750-fold amplification of cell number, of which 83% +/- 7% were MPO+. Without addition of GM-CSF and G-CSF, lower increases in total cell numbers (mean, 211-fold) and lower proportions of MPO+ cells (54% +/- 11%) were observed. The proportion of MPO+ cells slightly exceeded but clearly correlated with the proportion of cells positive for the granulomonocyte associated surface molecules CD11b (Mac-1), CD15 (LeX), CD64 (Fc gamma RI) CD66, or CD89 (Fc alpha R). At day 14 MPO+ and LZ+ cells were virtually identical. However, at earlier time points during culture (days 4 and 7), single MPO+ or LZ+ cell populations were also observed, which only later acquired LZ and MPO, respectively. Maturation of cells into the neutrophilic pathway was indicated by the acquisition of MPO, followed by LZ. In contrast, maturation of cells into the monocytic pathway was indicated by the acquisition of LZ followed by MPO and CD14. CD68 was found to be expressed at day 4 by the majority of cells and was not restricted to the granulomonocytic cells, as cells with megakariocytic (CD41+) or erythroid (CD71hi) features were CD68+. LF expression was observed only in GM- plus G-CSF-supplemented cultures, in which only 26% +/- 5% of cells expressed LF by day 14.
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