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McLay, L; van der Meer, L; Schafer, MCM; Couper, L; McKenzie, E; O'Reilly, MF; Lancioni, GE; Marschik, PB; Green, VA; Sigafoos, J; Sutherland, D.
Comparing Acquisition, Generalization, Maintenance, and Preference Across Three AAC Options in Four Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
J DEV PHYS DISABIL. 2015; 27(3): 323-339.
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Marschik Peter

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We compared acquisition, generalization, maintenance, and preference for three AAC options. Four children with autism spectrum disorder were taught to use (a) a manual sign, (b) a picture exchange card, and (c) a speech-generating device to request toys. Intervention was staggered across children in a delayed multiple-probe design with acquisition and maintenance compared in an alternating treatments design. Generalization to new settings and people and preference for using each option were assessed. Three of the four children reached the acquisition criterion with each AAC option in 15 to 65 trials. One child learned to use the speech-generating device and picture exchange card in 20 and 40 trials, respectively, but failed to learn the manual sign. Two children showed generalization across settings and people with picture exchange and the speech-generating device and one child showed generalization with all three options. One child showed generalization across settings with the picture exchange card. Maintenance was relatively better with the speech-generating device and picture exchange card and the children most often chose the speech-generating device during the preference assessments. The results suggest comparable acquisition, but better generalization and maintenance with AAC options that involve selecting a graphic symbol.

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Augmentative and alternative communication
Autism spectrum disorder
Manual signing
Picture exchange
Speech-generating device
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