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Klec, C; Ziomek, G; Pichler, M; Malli, R; Graier, WF.
Calcium Signaling in ß-cell Physiology and Pathology: A Revisit.
Int J Mol Sci. 2019; 20(24): [OPEN ACCESS]
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Graier Wolfgang
Klec Christiane
Malli Roland
Pichler Martin
Ziomek Gabriela

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Pancreatic beta (β) cell dysfunction results in compromised insulin release and, thus, failed regulation of blood glucose levels. This forms the backbone of the development of diabetes mellitus (DM), a disease that affects a significant portion of the global adult population. Physiological calcium (Ca2+) signaling has been found to be vital for the proper insulin-releasing function of β-cells. Calcium dysregulation events can have a dramatic effect on the proper functioning of the pancreatic β-cells. The current review discusses the role of calcium signaling in health and disease in pancreatic β-cells and provides an in-depth look into the potential role of alterations in β-cell Ca2+ homeostasis and signaling in the development of diabetes and highlights recent work that introduced the current theories on the connection between calcium and the onset of diabetes.

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