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Schoberer, D.
Enhancement of Patient Education - Information Material for Hospitals and Nursing Homes
Doktoratsstudium der Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften; Gesundheits- und Pflegewissenschaft; [ Dissertation ] Graz Medical University; 2017. pp. [OPEN ACCESS]


Autor/innen der Med Uni Graz:
Lohrmann Christa

Introduction Information materials are supportive resources that are used to educate patients/residents and family members. However, for information material to be effective, it must be used as part of an overall patient educational strategy and be of high quality. The overall aim of this doctoral thesis was to assess the availability and quality of information material, develop high-quality information material and evaluate newly developed information material from the perspectives of the residents, family members and nursing staff. Methods A cross-sectional multicentre prevalence measurement was conducted to get information on availability of information material in Austrian and Dutch institutions. The quality of fall prevention information material in particular was investigated in a comparative, descriptive study, where information material was critically appraised. To address users’ needs pertaining information material, a qualitative study with focus groups was conducted. In a systematic literature review educational strategies were investigated that empower the targeted users. Finally, information material was developed, and evaluated in focus groups. Results Information material pertaining certain nursing care problems were more often available in Dutch institutions and Dutch hospitals’ fall prevention information material was of higher quality (p<0.001) than Austrians. The quality was lowest in Austrian materials focused on fall prevention in nursing homes. In none of these materials, users were involved in the development. User involvement in the information material development has shown that needs of residents regarding fall prevention information are low. The literature review has detected motivational and encouraging techniques as supportive strategies to help residents to be more empowered to profit from education. The evaluation of the final information material where motivational messages, learning theories and current evidence were incorporated, showed that residents and family members had no difficulties understanding the material. Practical implications Nurses are requested to use high-quality information material for educational purposes and use empowering strategies to support residents in knowledge application.

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