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Department of Neurology

Division of General Neurology

Research fields, Methods and Equipment

Research Fields

Cerebrovascular diseases
Functional MRI (Christian Enzinger)
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Multiple Sclerosis
Neuroimmunologic diseases
Neuroimmunology (Maria Storch)
Neuro-oncology (Franz Payer)
Neurosonology (Kurt Niederkorn)
Positron emission tomography (PET)
Quantitative MRI for tissue characterisation (Stefan Ropele)
Research into neuromuscular disorders and pain (Stefan Quasthoff)
Research on cerebrospinal fluid (Juan Archelos)
Therapeutic trials in stroke and multiple sclerosis (Franz Fazekas)


Cell cultures
DNA sequencing
Electromyography und neurography
Evoked potentials
FACS analyses
Image processing
In situ hybridisation


Equipment for immunocytochemistry, hybridisation including various microscopes, ELISA reader, FACS, sequencing, cell cultures, realtime PCR
Equipment for neurophysiologic examinations (EMG / NLG / EP)
Positron emission tomography – PET (in cooperation with the Division of Nuclear Medicine of the Department of Radiology)

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