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Huber, R; Grittner, U; Weidemann, F; Thijs, V; Tanislav, C; Enzinger, C; Fazekas, F; Wolf, M; Hennerici, MG; McCabe, DJ; Putaala, J; Tatlisumak, T; Kessler, C; von Sarnowski, B; Martus, P; Kolodny, E; Norrving, B; Rolfs, A; Stroke in Young Fabry Patients (SIFAP) Investigators Patent Foramen Ovale and Cryptogenic Strokes in the Stroke in Young Fabry Patients Study.
Stroke. 2017; 48(1):30-35 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Hafner, F; Haas, E; Belaj, K; Froehlich, H; Gary, T; Eller, P; Brodmann, M Endothelial function and carotid intima-media thickness in giant-cell arteritis.
Eur J Clin Invest. 2014; 44(3):249-256
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Kleber, ME; Seppälä, I; Pilz, S; Hoffmann, MM; Tomaschitz, A; Oksala, N; Raitoharju, E; Lyytikäinen, LP; Mäkelä, KM; Laaksonen, R; Kähönen, M; Raitakari, OT; Huang, J; Kienreich, K; Fahrleitner-Pammer, A; Drechsler, C; Krane, V; Boehm, BO; Koenig, W; Wanner, C; Lehtimäki, T; März, W; Meinitzer, A Genome-wide association study identifies 3 genomic loci significantly associated with serum levels of homoarginine: the AtheroRemo Consortium.
Circ Cardiovasc Genet. 2013; 6(5):505-513 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Weghuber, D; Zelzer, S; Stelzer, I; Paulmichl, K; Kammerhofer, D; Schnedl, W; Molnar, D; Mangge, H High risk vs. "metabolically healthy" phenotype in juvenile obesity - neck subcutaneous adipose tissue and serum uric acid are clinically relevant.
Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes. 2013; 121(7):384-390
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Gary, T; Rief, P; Stojakovic, T; Froehlich, H; Scharnagl, H; Hafner, F; Pilger, E; Brodmann, M Lipoproteins and the development of restenosis after stent implantation in the superficial femoral artery in patients with peripheral artery disease.
Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol. 2011; 34(4): 739-743.
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Zimmerer, S; Koehler, M; Turtschi, S; Palmowski-Wolfe, A; Girard, T Amaurosis after spine surgery: survey of the literature and discussion of one case.
Eur Spine J. 2011; 20(2): 171-176. (- Case Report) [OPEN ACCESS]
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Trauner, M; Claudel, T; Fickert, P; Moustafa, T; Wagner, M Bile acids as regulators of hepatic lipid and glucose metabolism.
Dig Dis. 2010; 28(1):220-224
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Fickert, P; Moustafa, T; Trauner, M Primary sclerosing cholangitis--the arteriosclerosis of the bile duct?
Lipids Health Dis. 2007; 6(2):3-3 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Weger, M; Renner, W; Steinbrugger, I; Cichocki, L; Temmel, W; Stanger, O; El-Shabrawi, Y; Lechner, H; Schmut, O; Haas, A Role of thrombophilic gene polymorphisms in branch retinal vein occlusion.
OPHTHALMOLOGY. 2005; 112(11): 1910-1915.
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Portugaller, HR; Schoellnast, H; Hausegger, KA; Tiesenhausen, K; Amann, W; Berghold, A Multislice spiral CT angiography in peripheral arterial occlusive disease: a valuable tool in detecting significant arterial lumen narrowing?
EUROPEAN RADIOL. 2004; 14(9): 1681-1687.
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Hentsch, A; Aschauer, MA; Balzer, JO; Brossmann, J; Busch, HP; Davis, K; Douek, P; Ebner, F; van Engelshoven, JM; Gregor, M; Kersting, C; Knüsel, PR; Leen, E; Leiner, T; Loewe, C; McPherson, S; Reimer, P; Schäfer, FK; Taupitz, M; Thurnher, SA; Tombach, B; Wegener, R; Weishaupt, D; Meaney, JF Gadobutrol-enhanced moving-table magnetic resonance angiography in patients with peripheral vascular disease: a prospective, multi-centre blinded comparison with digital subtraction angiography.
Eur Radiol. 2003; 13(9):2103-2114
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Abletshauser, C; Klüssendorf, D; Schmidt, A; Winkler, K; März, W; Buddecke, E; Malmsten, M; Siegel, G Biosensing of arteriosclerotic nanoplaque formation and interaction with an HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor.
Acta Physiol Scand. 2002; 176(2):131-145
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Kratz, M; Cullen, P; Kannenberg, F; Kassner, A; Fobker, M; Abuja, PM; Assmann, G; Wahrburg, U Effects of dietary fatty acids on the composition and oxidizability of low-density lipoprotein.
EUR J CLIN NUTR 2002 56: 72-81. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Brodmann, M; Stark, G; Pabst, E; Seinost, G; Schweiger, W; Szolar, D; Pilger, E Cystic adventitial degeneration of the popliteal artery-the diagnostic value of duplex sonography.
Eur J Radiol. 2001; 38(3):209-212 (- Case Report)
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Leitges, M; Mayr, M; Braun, U; Mayr, U; Li, C; Pfister, G; Ghaffari-Tabrizi, N; Baier, G; Hu, Y; Xu, Q Exacerbated vein graft arteriosclerosis in protein kinase Cdelta-null mice.
J Clin Invest. 2001; 108(10):1505-1512 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Renner, W; Köppel, H; Brodmann, M; Pabst, E; Schallmoser, K; Toplak, H; Wascher, TC; Pilger, E Factor II G20210A and factor V G1691A gene mutations and peripheral arterial occlusive disease.
THROMB HAEMOST. 2000; 83: 20-22.
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Renner, W; Schallmoser, K; Gallippi, P; Krauss, C; Toplak, H; Wascher, TC; Pilger, E C242T polymorphism of the p22 phox gene is not associated with peripheral arterial occlusive disease.
ATHEROSCLEROSIS. 2000; 152: 175-179.
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Zuckermann, AO; Grimm, M; Czerny, M; Ofner, P; Ullrich, R; Ploner, M; Wolner, E; Laufer, G Improved long-term results with thymoglobuline induction therapy after cardiac transplantation: a comparison of two different rabbit-antithymocyte globulines.
Transplantation. 2000; 69(9):1890-1898
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Bammer, R; Wascher, T; Pedevilla, M; Wach, P; Ebner, F; Stollberger, R Assessing the differences of reactive hyperemic flow due to the contribution of forearm composition using automated tissue segmentation from MR scans and venous occlusion strain gauge plethysmography


Bommer, C; Werle, E; Walter-Sack, I; Keller, C; Gehlen, F; Wanner, C; Nauck, M; März, W; Wieland, H; Bommer, J D-thyroxine reduces lipoprotein(a) serum concentration in dialysis patients.
J Am Soc Nephrol. 1998; 9(1):90-96 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Oemar, BS; Werner, A; Garnier, JM; Do, DD; Godoy, N; Nauck, M; März, W; Rupp, J; Pech, M; Lüscher, TF Human connective tissue growth factor is expressed in advanced atherosclerotic lesions.
Circulation. 1997; 95(4):831-839 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Fruhwirth, J; Pascher, O; Hauser, H; Amann, W Local vascular complications after iatrogenic femoral artery puncture
Wien Klin Wochenschr. 1996; 108(7):196-200
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Birchbauer, A; Knipping, G; Juritsch, B; Aschauer, H; Zechner, R Characterization of the apolipoprotein AI and CIII genes in the domestic pig.
GENOMICS. 1993; 15(3): 643-652.
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Winkelmann, BR; Ihnken, K; Beyersdorf, F; Eckel, L; Skupin, M; März, W; Herrmann, G; Spies, H; Schräder, R; Sievert, H Left main coronary artery stenosis after aortic valve replacement: genetic disposition for accelerated arteriosclerosis after injury of the intact human coronary artery?
Coron Artery Dis. 1993; 4(7):659-667
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Rabl, H; Khoschsorur, G; Colombo, T; Tatzber, F; Esterbauer, H Human plasma lipid peroxide levels show a strong transient increase after successful revascularization operations.
Free Radic Biol Med. 1992; 13(4):281-288
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Schmidt, R; Fazekas, F; Kleinert, G; Offenbacher, H; Gindl, K; Payer, F; Freidl, W; Niederkorn, K; Lechner, H Magnetic resonance imaging signal hyperintensities in the deep and subcortical white matter. A comparative study between stroke patients and normal volunteers.
ARCH NEUROL 1992 49: 825-827.
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Pilger, E; Juan, H Preliminary results of prostaglandin E1 therapy in peripheral obliterating arteriopathy
WIEN KLIN WOCHENSCHR. 1983; 95(8): 263-266.
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Tölly, E; Dietrich, G; Schreyer, H B-scan sonography of the carotid artery
Radiologe. 1983; 23(4):179-184
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