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Reintam Blaser, A; Starkopf, J; Alhazzani, W; Berger, MM; Casaer, MP; Deane, AM; Fruhwald, S; Hiesmayr, M; Ichai, C; Jakob, SM; Loudet, CI; Malbrain, ML; Montejo González, JC; Paugam-Burtz, C; Poeze, M; Preiser, JC; Singer, P; van Zanten, AR; De Waele, J; Wendon, J; Wernerman, J; Whitehouse, T; Wilmer, A; Oudemans-van Straaten, HM; ESICM Working Group on Gastrointestinal Function Early enteral nutrition in critically ill patients: ESICM clinical practice guidelines.
Intensive Care Med. 2017; 43(3):380-398 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Kaimbacher, PS; Wallner-Liebmann, SJ; Dunitz-Scheer, M; Zwi Scheer, PJ; Cvirn, G; Schrabmair, W; Greilberger, J; Schnedl, WJ; Tafeit, E Significant decrease of subcutaneous body fat during tube-weaning from enteral feeding.
Minerva Pediatr. 2016; 68(1):40-50
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Khan, Z; Marinschek, S; Pahsini, K; Scheer, P; Morris, N; Urlesberger, B; Dunitz-Scheer, M Nutritional/Growth Status in a Large Cohort of Medically Fragile Children Receiving Long-Term Enteral Nutrition Support.
J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. 2016; 62(1):157-160
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Pahsini, K; Marinschek, S; Khan, Z; Dunitz-Scheer, M; Scheer, PJ Unintended Adverse Effects of Enteral Nutrition Support: Parental Perspective.
J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. 2016; 62(1):169-173
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Shalem, T; Fradkin, A; Dunitz-Scheer, M; Sadeh-Kon, T; Goz-Gulik, T; Fishler, Y; Weiss, B Gastrostomy Tube Weaning and Treatment of Severe Selective Eating in Childhood: Experience in Israel Using an Intensive Three Week Program.
ISR MED ASSOC J. 2016; 18(6): 331-335. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Reintam Blaser, A; Deane, AM; Fruhwald, S Diarrhoea in the critically ill.
Curr Opin Crit Care. 2015; 21(2):142-153
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Stroster, JA; Uranues, S; Latifi, R Nutritional controversies in critical care: revisiting enteral glutamine during critical illness and injury.
Curr Opin Crit Care. 2015; 21(6):527-530
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Marinschek, S; Dunitz-Scheer, M; Pahsini, K; Geher, B; Scheer, P Weaning children off enteral nutrition by netcoaching versus onsite treatment: a comparative study.
J Paediatr Child Health. 2014; 50(11):902-907
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Zani, A; Ruttenstock, E; Davenport, M; Ade-Ajayi, N Is there Unity in Europe? First Survey of EUPSA Delegates on the Management of Gastroschisis.
Eur J Pediatr Surg. 2013; 23(1):19-24 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Holzinger, U; Brunner, R; Miehsler, W; Herkner, H; Kitzberger, R; Fuhrmann, V; Metnitz, PG; Kamolz, LP; Madl, C Jejunal tube placement in critically ill patients: A prospective, randomized trial comparing the endoscopic technique with the electromagnetically visualized method.
Crit Care Med. 2011; 39(1):73-77
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Joannidis, M; Rauchenzauner, M; Leiner, B; Rosenkranz, A; Ebenbichler, CF; Laimer, M; Tatarczyk, T; Meusburger, E; Mayer, G Effect of intradialytic parenteral nutrition in patients with malnutrition-inflammation complex syndrome on body weight, inflammation, serum lipids and adipocytokines: results from a pilot study.
Eur J Clin Nutr. 2008; 62(6):789-795
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Andel, H; Kamolz, LP; Hörauf, K; Zimpfer, M Nutrition and anabolic agents in burned patients.
Burns. 2003; 29(6):592-595
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J Am Coll Surg. 1997; 184(6):652-654
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MONATSSCHR KINDERHEILK. 1982; 130(7): 546-551.
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Höllwarth, M Infusion and nutrition problems in pediatric surgery
Infusionsther Klin Ernahr. 1976; 3(2): 79-82. (- Case Report)


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