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Enko, D; Wagner, H; Kriegshäuser, G; Wögerer, J; Halwachs-Baumann, G; Schnedl, WJ; Zelzer, S; Fauler, G; Mangge, H; Markus, H; Meinitzer, A Iron status determination in individuals with Helicobacter pylori infection: conventional vs. new laboratory biomarkers.
Clin Chem Lab Med. 2019; 57(7): 982-989.
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Lackner, S; Malcher, V; Enko, D; Mangge, H; Holasek, SJ; Schnedl, WJ Histamine-reduced diet and increase of serum diamine oxidase correlating to diet compliance in histamine intolerance.
Eur J Clin Nutr. 2019; 73(1):102-104
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Nolte, K; Herrmann-Lingen, C; Platschek, L; Holzendorf, V; Pilz, S; Tomaschitz, A; Düngen, HD; Angermann, CE; Hasenfuß, G; Pieske, B; Wachter, R; Edelmann, F Vitamin D deficiency in patients with diastolic dysfunction or heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.
ESC Heart Fail. 2019; 6(2): 262-270. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Schnedl, WJ; Lackner, S; Enko, D; Schenk, M; Holasek, SJ; Mangge, H Evaluation of symptoms and symptom combinations in histamine intolerance.
Intest Res. 2019; [OPEN ACCESS]
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Valentin, T; Kieslinger, P; Stelzl, E; Santner, BI; Groselj-Strele, A; Kessler, HH; Tiran, B Prospective evaluation of three rapid molecular tests for seasonal influenza in patients presenting at an emergency unit.
J CLIN VIROL. 2019; 111(12): 29-32.
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Muster, V; Wallner, M; Schmidt, A; Kapl, M; von Lewinski, F; Rainer, P; Reittner, P; Tillich, M; Brader, P; Szolar, DH; von Lewinski, D Heart rate-reducing therapy with add-on ivabradine and bisoprolol before coronary computed tomographic angiography in a fast-track ambulatory setting.
J Int Med Res. 2018; 46(6):2249-2257 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Rief, P; Raggam, RB; Hafner, F; Avian, A; Hackl, G; Cvirn, G; Brodmann, M; Gary, T Calculation of HAS-BLED Score Is Useful for Early Identification of Venous Thromboembolism Patients at High Risk for Major Bleeding Events: A Prospective Outpatients Cohort Study.
Semin Thromb Hemost. 2018; 44(4):348-352
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Enko, D; Kriegshäuser, G Functional 13C-urea and glucose hydrogen/methane breath tests reveal significant association of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in individuals with active Helicobacter pylori infection.
Clin Biochem. 2017; 50(1-2):46-49
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Stummer, U; Rintelen, B; Leeb, BF The Short Form Score for the Assessment and Quantification of Chronic Rheumatic Affections of the Hands in Daily Clinical Routines-Its Sensitivity to Change and Preliminary Patient Relevant Variation Values: A Pilot Study.
Front Med (Lausanne). 2017; 4(9):6-6 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Crespo-Leiro, MG; Anker, SD; Maggioni, AP; Coats, AJ; Filippatos, G; Ruschitzka, F; Ferrari, R; Piepoli, MF; Delgado Jimenez, JF; Metra, M; Fonseca, C; Hradec, J; Amir, O; Logeart, D; Dahlström, U; Merkely, B; Drozdz, J; Goncalvesova, E; Hassanein, M; Chioncel, O; Lainscak, M; Seferovic, PM; Tousoulis, D; Kavoliuniene, A; Fruhwald, F; Fazlibegovic, E; Temizhan, A; Gatzov, P; Erglis, A; Laroche, C; Mebazaa, A; Heart Failure Association (HFA) of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) European Society of Cardiology Heart Failure Long-Term Registry (ESC-HF-LT): 1-year follow-up outcomes and differences across regions.
Eur J Heart Fail. 2016; 18(6):613-625 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Enko, D; Halwachs-Baumann, G; Stolba, R; Rössler, O; Kriegshäuser, G Performance evaluation of a rapid whole-blood immunoassay for the detection of IgG antibodies against Helicobacter pylori in daily clinical practice.
Ann Clin Microbiol Antimicrob. 2016; 15(1):47-47 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Enko, D; Meinitzer, A; Mangge, H; Kriegshäuser, G; Halwachs-Baumann, G; Reininghaus, EZ; Bengesser, SA; Schnedl, WJ Concomitant Prevalence of Low Serum Diamine Oxidase Activity and Carbohydrate Malabsorption.
Can J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2016; 2016(2):4893501-4893501 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Neuwirth, M; Binter, A; Pipam, W; Rab, M [Comparative Cost Effectiveness of Clostridium Histolyticum Collagenase (Xiapex®) and Partial Fasciectomy for the Treatment of Dupuytren's Contracture in Austria].
Handchir Mikrochir Plast Chir. 2016; 48(4):233-238
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Unterrainer, HF; Lukanz, M; Pilch, M; Scharf, S; Glawischnig-Goschnik, M; Wutte, N; Fink-Puches, R; Aberer, E Spirituality and mood pathology in severe skin conditions: a prospective observational study.
Arch Dermatol Res. 2016; 308(7):521-525 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Badura, A; Feierl, G; Pregartner, G; Krause, R; Grisold, AJ Antibiotic resistance patterns of more than 120 000 clinical Escherichia coli isolates in Southeast Austria, 1998-2013.
Clin Microbiol Infect. 2015; 21(6):569.e1-569.e7 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Grassi, L; Berardi, MA; Ruffilli, F; Meggiolaro, E; Andritsch, E; Sirgo, A; Caruso, R; Juan Linares, E; Bellé, M; Massarenti, S; Nanni, MG; IOR-IRST Psycho-Oncology and UniFE Psychiatry Co-Authors Role of psychosocial variables on chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting and health-related quality of life among cancer patients: a European study.
Psychother Psychosom. 2015; 84(6):339-347 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Leeb, BF; Haindl, PM; Brezinschek, HP; Mai, HT; Deutsch, C; Rintelen, B Patient-centered psoriatic arthritis (PsA) activity assessment by Stockerau Activity Score for Psoriatic Arthritis (SASPA).
BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2015; 16(1):73-73 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Trapp, EM; Trapp, M; Sampogna, F; Rohrer, PM; Egger, JW; Wolf, P; Kapfhammer, HP; Linder, MD; Richtig, E; Baulmann, J; Hofer, A Autonomic nervous tone in vitiligo patients--a case-control study.
Acta Derm Venereol. 2015; 95(2):169-172 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Kleinjan, A; Di Nisio, M; Beyer-Westendorf, J; Camporese, G; Cosmi, B; Ghirarduzzi, A; Kamphuisen, PW; Otten, HM; Porreca, E; Aggarwal, A; Brodmann, M; Guglielmi, MD; Iotti, M; Kaasjager, K; Kamvissi, V; Lerede, T; Marschang, P; Meijer, K; Palareti, G; Rickles, FR; Righini, M; Rutjes, AW; Tonello, C; Verhamme, P; Werth, S; van Wissen, S; Büller, HR Safety and feasibility of a diagnostic algorithm combining clinical probability, d-dimer testing, and ultrasonography for suspected upper extremity deep venous thrombosis: a prospective management study.
Ann Intern Med. 2014; 160(7):451-457
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Pieske, B; Butler, J; Filippatos, G; Lam, C; Maggioni, AP; Ponikowski, P; Shah, S; Solomon, S; Kraigher-Krainer, E; Samano, ET; Scalise, AV; Müller, K; Roessig, L; Gheorghiade, M; SOCRATES Investigators and Coordinators Rationale and design of the SOluble guanylate Cyclase stimulatoR in heArT failurE Studies (SOCRATES).
Eur J Heart Fail. 2014; 16(9):1026-1038 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Robier, C; Neubauer, M; Quehenberger, F; Stettin, M; Neumeister, P Assessment of the response to acetylsalicylic acid in patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms by whole blood assays: a comparison of the PFA-100 with multiple electrode aggregometry.
Platelets. 2014; 25(8):608-611
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Sampogna, F; Linder, D; Piaserico, S; Altomare, G; Bortune, M; Calzavara-Pinton, P; Vedove, CD; Girolomoni, G; Peserico, A; Sala, R; Abeni, D Quality of life assessment of patients with scalp dermatitis using the Italian version of the Scalpdex.
Acta Derm Venereol. 2014; 94(4):411-414 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Van Mieghem, T; De Heus, R; Lewi, L; Klaritsch, P; Kollmann, M; Baud, D; Vial, Y; Shah, PS; Ranzini, AC; Mason, L; Raio, L; Lachat, R; Barrett, J; Khorsand, V; Windrim, R; Ryan, G Prenatal management of monoamniotic twin pregnancies.
Obstet Gynecol. 2014; 124(3):498-506 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Felber, A; Graninger, W Weakly positive tests and chronologic variation of the QuantiFERON assay: a retrospective appraisal of usefulness.
Tuberculosis (Edinb). 2013; 93(6):647-653
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Papay, P; Miehsler, W; Tilg, H; Petritsch, W; Reinisch, W; Mayer, A; Haas, T; Kaser, A; Feichtenschlager, T; Fuchssteiner, H; Knoflach, P; Vogelsang, H; Platzer, R; Tillinger, W; Jaritz, B; Schmid, A; Blaha, B; Dejaco, C; Sobala, A; Weltermann, A; Eichinger, S; Novacek, G Clinical presentation of venous thromboembolism in inflammatory bowel disease.
J Crohns Colitis. 2013; 7(9):723-729 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Puttgen, KB; Summerer, B; Schneider, J; Cohen, BA; Boss, EF; Bauman, NM Cardiovascular and blood glucose parameters in infants during propranolol initiation for treatment of symptomatic infantile hemangiomas.
Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol. 2013; 122(9): 550-554.
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Rayment, C; Hjermstad, MJ; Aass, N; Kaasa, S; Caraceni, A; Strasser, F; Heitzer, E; Fainsinger, R; Bennett, MI; European Palliative Care Research Collaborative (EPCRC) Neuropathic cancer pain: prevalence, severity, analgesics and impact from the European Palliative Care Research Collaborative-Computerised Symptom Assessment study.
Palliat Med. 2013; 27(8):714-721
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Pompili, M; Innamorati, M; Serafini, G; Gonda, X; Campi, S; Rapinesi, C; Giordano, G; Montebovi, F; Palermo, M; Giupponi, G; Tatarelli, R; Biondi, M; Amore, M; Sher, L; Rihmer, Z; Girardi, P How does subjective experience of pain relate to psychopathology among psychiatric patients?
Gen Hosp Psychiatry. 2012; 34(5):534-540 (- Case Report)
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Baumschlager, D; Haas-Krammer, A; Rothenhäusler, HB Emotional status, cognitive performance and quality of life in HIV-infected patients. Results of an exploratory study.
Nervenarzt. 2011; 82(7): 902-909.
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Holzinger, A; Kosec, P; Schwantzer, G; Debevc, M; Hofmann-Wellenhof, R; Frühauf, J Design and development of a mobile computer application to reengineer workflows in the hospital and the methodology to evaluate its effectiveness.
J Biomed Inform. 2011; 44(6): 968-977. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Paschke, E; Fauler, G; Winkler, H; Schlagenhauf, A; Plecko, B; Erwa, W; Breunig, F; Urban, W; Vujkovac, B; Sunder-Plassmann, G; Kotanko, P Urinary total globotriaosylceramide and isoforms to identify women with Fabry disease: a diagnostic test study.
Am J Kidney Dis. 2011; 57(5):673-681
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Kerber, M; Oberkanins, C; Kriegshäuser, G; Kollerits, B; Dossenbach-Glaninger, A; Fuchs, D; Ledochowski, M Hydrogen breath testing versus LCT genotyping for the diagnosis of lactose intolerance: a matter of age?
Clin Chim Acta. 2007; 383(1-2): 91-96.
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Braunschweig, F; Fahrleitner-Pammer, A; Mangiavacchi, M; Ghio, S; Fotuhi, P; Hoppe, UC; Linde, C Correlation between serial measurements of N-terminal pro brain natriuretic peptide and ambulatory cardiac filling pressures in outpatients with chronic heart failure.
Eur J Heart Fail. 2006; 8(8): 797-803. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Eberl, R; Kaminski, A; Reckwitz, N; Muhr, G; Clasbrummel, B The tele-visit as a telemedical technique in daily clinical practice. First results for elbow joint arthrolysis
Unfallchirurg. 2006; 109(5): 383-390.
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Toplak, H; Ziegler, O; Keller, U; Hamann, A; Godin, C; Wittert, G; Zanella, MT; Zuniga-Guajardo, S; Van Gaal, L X-PERT: weight reduction with orlistat in obese subjects receiving a mildly or moderately reduced-energy diet: early response to treatment predicts weight maintenance.
DIABETES OBES METAB. 2005; 7(6): 699-708.
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Plank, J; Köhler, G; Rakovac, I; Semlitsch, BM; Horvath, K; Bock, G; Kraly, B; Pieber, TR Long-term evaluation of a structured outpatient education programme for intensified insulin therapy in patients with Type 1 diabetes: a 12-year follow-up.
DIABETOLOGIA. 2004; 47(8): 1370-1375. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Tritt, K; Schneider, H; Lahmann, C; Joraschky, P; Nickel, M; Loew, T Treatment recommendations for outpatients of a psychosomatic hospital: are there relationships with symptom severity and were the recommendations followed?
PSYCHOTHER PSYCHOSOM MED PSYC. 2004; 54(7): 289-297.
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Vetter, S; Ruf, G; Regourd, E; März, W The use of atorvastatin treatment in usual care environments: pooled analysis of six prospective, observational studies in 90,535 patients.
Int J Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2004; 42(8):423-433
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Plank, J; Haas, W; Rakovac, I; Görzer, E; Sommer, R; Siebenhofer, A; Pieber, TR Evaluation of the impact of chiropodist care in the secondary prevention of foot ulcerations in diabetic subjects.
Diabetes Care. 2003; 26(6):1691-1695 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Wiemer, J; Winkler, K; Baumstark, M; März, W; Scherberich, JE Influence of low molecular weight heparin compared to conventional heparin for anticoagulation during haemodialysis on low density lipoprotein subclasses.
Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2002; 17(12):2231-2238 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Müller, HM; Horina, JH; Kniepeiss, D; Tripolt, MB; Stadelbauer, V; Schweiger, M; Tscheliessnigg, KH Characteristics and clinical relevance of chronic anemia in adult heart transplant recipients.
Clin Transplant. 2001; 15(5):343-348
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Franz, P; Zaiss, A; Schulz, S; Hahn, U; Klar, R Automated coding of diagnoses - Three methods compared
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Langs, G; Quehenberger, F; Fabisch, K; Klug, G; Fabisch, H; Zapotoczky, HG The development of agoraphobia in panic disorder: a predictable process?
J AFFECT DISORDERS 2000 58: 43-50.
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Lépine, JP; Goger, J; Blashko, C; Probst, C; Moles, MF; Kosolowski, J; Scharfetter, B; Lane, RM A double-blind study of the efficacy and safety of sertraline and clomipramine in outpatients with severe major depression.
Int Clin Psychopharmacol. 2000; 15(5):263-271
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Wiesinger, GF; Quittan, M; Nuhr, M; Volc-Platzer, B; Ebenbichler, G; Zehetgruber, M; Graninger, W Aerobic capacity in adult dermatomyositis/polymyositis patients and healthy controls.
Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2000; 81(1):1-5
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Wurzer, H; Schutze, K; Bethke, T; Fischer, R; Luhmann, R; Riesenhuber, C Efficacy and safety of pantoprazole in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease using an intravenous-oral regimen. Austrian Intravenous Pantoprazole Study Group.
Hepatogastroenterology. 1999; 46(27):1809-1815
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Kappos, L; Polman, C; Pozzilli, C; Thompson, A; Dahlke, F; Knight R, Hern J, Coleman R, Gerrie L, Cooper G, Moore J, Boringa J, van Oosten B, Ronner H, Schrijver H, Truyen L, Montalban J, Rio J, Tintore M, Jacas C, Marzo E, Lechner-Scott J, Huber S, Lienert C, Brunnschweiler H, Hawkins S, Droogan A, McDonnell G, Duddy M, McKinstry S, Altenkirch H, Baum K, Einhaupl K, Marx P, Poewe W, Walter G, Akman H, Brockmeier B, Scherer P, Zschenderlein R, Schmierer K, Gelderblom H, Hartmann A, Stapf C, Luschow A, Mackert B, Schumacher H, Masuhr F, Hempel T, Zimmermann R, Munch M, Francis D, Heafield M, Al-Memar A, Winer J, Chong M, Brochet B, Gayou A, Auriacombe S, Dousset V, Wiles C, Thomas F, Pickersgill T, Hinds N, Dawson K, Hughes T, Hutchinson M, Murphy R, Redmond J, Webb S, Stoll G, Jander S, Hagemann G, Koller H, Hanemann C, Kolmel H, Reichel D, Petereit K, Thieme A, Khatami A, Neumann M, Amaducci L, Massacesi L, Siracusa G, Amato M, Bartolozzi L, Repice A, Minderhoud J, De Keyser J, Zorgdrager A, Zwanikken C, Poser S, Polak T, Gunther A, Bitsch A, Borner T, Weber F, Wikstrom J, Farkkila M, Majuri H, Sumelahti M, Telakivi T, Fredrikson S, Martin C, Miller D, O'Riordan J, Brex P, Kapoor R, Werring D, Confavreux C, Brunet P, Hannoun D, Brudon F, Moreau T, Blanc S, D'Hooghe M, Jacobs K, Lissoir F, Demonty L, Comi G, Colombo B, Rossi P, Rodegher M, Santuccio G, Martinelli F, Hohlfeld R, Walther E, Goebels N, Dang T, Lindert R, Voltz R, Cartlidge N, Bates D, Moran G, Pandit L, Westwood M, Haller P, Sommer J, Bitter J, Suss F, Mellies J, Mucha P, Lyon-Caen O, Degos JD, Roullet E, Lubetzki C, Creange A, Tourbah A, Pez D, Lecanuet P, Nicolt P, Edan G, Belliard S, De Marco O, Cahagne V, De Burghgraeve V, Brunet I, Fieschi C, Millefiorini E, Gasperini C, Buttinelli C, Frontini M, Howell S, Hadjivassiliou M, Gibson A, Graham A, Harkness K, Lawden M, Clanet M, Wauban E, Azais-Vuillemin C, Lau GKK, Louis C, Panelius M, Ruutiainen J, Eralinna J, Soilu-Hanninen M, Gold R, Hartung HP, Jung S, Bayas A, Flachenecker P, Weilbach F, Archelos J, Kollegger H, Vass K, Asenbaum S, Chatsakos T, Beckmann K, Ghazi M, Wagner K, Miltenburger C, McFarland H, Petkau J, Sabouraud O, Toyka K Placebo-controlled multicentre randomised trial of interferon beta-1b in treatment of secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. European Study Group on interferon beta-1b in secondary progressive MS.
LANCET. 1998; 352(9139): 1491-1497.
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Müller, HM; Aigner, R; Horina, JH; Rehak, P; Lang, T; Iberer, F; Wasler, A; Petutschnigg, B; Allmayer, T; Grasser, B; Prenner, G; Schaffellner, S; Tscheliessnigg, KH Mild chronic anemia following heart transplantation: a syndrome with prognostic relevance?
Transpl Int. 1998; 11(6):413-418
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Smolle, J; Prause, G; Kerl, H A double-blind, controlled clinical trial of homeopathy and an analysis of lunar phases and postoperative outcome.
Arch Dermatol. 1998; 134(11):1368-1370 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Wieselmann, G; Fabisch, H; Herzog, G; Fabisch, K; Probst, C; Langs, G; Zapotoczky, HG Effect of mianserin and additional fluid intake on depression and blood urea concentration in elderly patients
WIEN KLIN WOCHENSCHR. 1994; 106: 89-91.
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