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Smolle, E; Fink-Neuboeck, N; Lindenmann, J; Smolle-Juettner, F; Pichler, M The Biological and Clinical Relevance of Inhibitor of Growth (ING) Genes in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.
Cancers (Basel). 2019; 11(8): [OPEN ACCESS]
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Mehta, AK; Hua, K; Whipple, W; Nguyen, MT; Liu, CT; Haybaeck, J; Weidhaas, J; Settleman, J; Singh, A Regulation of autophagy, NF-κB signaling, and cell viability by miR-124 in KRAS mutant mesenchymal-like NSCLC cells.
Sci Signal. 2017; 10(496): [OPEN ACCESS]
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Nieser, M; Henopp, T; Brix, J; Stoß, L; Sitek, B; Naboulsi, W; Anlauf, M; Schlitter, AM; Klöppel, G; Gress, T; Moll, R; Bartsch, DK; Heverhagen, AE; Knoefel, WT; Kaemmerer, D; Haybaeck, J; Fend, F; Sperveslage, J; Sipos, B Loss of Chromosome 18 in Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Small Intestine: The Enigma Remains.
Neuroendocrinology. 2017; 104(3):302-312
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Wenzl, K; Troppan, K; Neumeister, P; Deutsch, AJ The nuclear orphan receptor NR4A1 and NR4A3 as tumor suppressors in hematologic neoplasms.
Curr Drug Targets. 2015; 16(1):38-46
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Deutsch, AJ; Angerer, H; Fuchs, TE; Neumeister, P The nuclear orphan receptors NR4A as therapeutic target in cancer therapy.
Anticancer Agents Med Chem. 2012; 12(9):1001-1014
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Zimmermann, FA; Mayr, JA; Feichtinger, R; Neureiter, D; Lechner, R; Koegler, C; Ratschek, M; Rusmir, H; Sargsyan, K; Sperl, W; Kofler, B Respiratory chain complex I is a mitochondrial tumor suppressor of oncocytic tumors.
Front Biosci (Elite Ed). 2011; 3:315-325
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