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Golob-Schwarzl, N; Wodlej, C; Kleinegger, F; Gogg-Kamerer, M; Birkl-Toeglhofer, AM; Petzold, J; Aigelsreiter, A; Thalhammer, M; Park, YN; Haybaeck, J Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 6 overexpression plays a major role in the translational control of gallbladder cancer.
J Cancer Res Clin Oncol. 2019; 145(11): 2699-2711. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Grabiec, U; Hohmann, T; Hammer, N; Dehghani, F Organotypic Hippocampal Slice Cultures As a Model to Study Neuroprotection and Invasiveness of Tumor Cells.
J Vis Exp. 2017; 31(126): [OPEN ACCESS]
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Karlsson, J; Kroneis, T; Jonasson, E; Larsson, E; Ståhlberg, A Transcriptomic Characterization of the Human Cell Cycle in Individual Unsynchronized Cells.
J Mol Biol. 2017; 429(24):3909-3924
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Peschel, I; Podmirseg, SR; Taschler, M; Duyster, J; Götze, KS; Sill, H; Nachbaur, D; Jäkel, H; Hengst, L FLT3 and FLT3-ITD phosphorylate and inactivate the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p27Kip1 in acute myeloid leukemia.
Haematologica. 2017; 102(8):1378-1389 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Rashed, MH; Kanlikilicer, P; Rodriguez-Aguayo, C; Pichler, M; Bayraktar, R; Bayraktar, E; Ivan, C; Filant, J; Silva, A; Aslan, B; Denizli, M; Mitra, R; Ozpolat, B; Calin, GA; Sood, AK; Abd-Ellah, MF; Helal, GK; Berestein, GL Exosomal miR-940 maintains SRC-mediated oncogenic activity in cancer cells: a possible role for exosomal disposal of tumor suppressor miRNAs.
Oncotarget. 2017; 8(12):20145-20164 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Arriga, R; Caratelli, S; Coppola, A; Spagnoli, GC; Venditti, A; Amadori, S; Lanzilli, G; Lauro, D; Palomba, P; Sconocchia, T; Del Principe, MI; Maurillo, L; Buccisano, F; Capuani, B; Ferrone, S; Sconocchia, G Enhancement of anti-leukemia activity of NK cells in vitro and in vivo by inhibition of leukemia cell-induced NK cell damage.
Oncotarget. 2016; 7(2): 2070-2079. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Rasoulzadeh, Z; Ghods, R; Kazemi, T; Mirzadegan, E; Ghaffari-Tabrizi-Wizsy, N; Rezania, S; Kazemnejad, S; Arefi, S; Ghasemi, J; Vafaei, S; Mahmoudi, AR; Zarnani, AH Placental Kisspeptins Differentially Modulate Vital Parameters of Estrogen Receptor-Positive and -Negative Breast Cancer Cells.
PLoS One. 2016; 11(4):e0153684-e0153684 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Dehghan Esmatabadi, MJ; Farhangi, B; Safari, Z; Kazerooni, H; Shirzad, H; Zolghadr, F; Sadeghizadeh, M Dendrosomal curcumin inhibits metastatic potential of human SW480 colon cancer cells through Down-regulation of Claudin1, Zeb1 and Hef1-1 gene expression.
Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2015; 16(6):2473-2481 [OPEN ACCESS]


Fischer, C; Leithner, K; Wohlkoenig, C; Quehenberger, F; Bertsch, A; Olschewski, A; Olschewski, H; Hrzenjak, A Panobinostat reduces hypoxia-induced cisplatin resistance of non-small cell lung carcinoma cells via HIF-1α destabilization.
Mol Cancer. 2015; 14(8):4-4 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Houben, R; Angermeyer, S; Haferkamp, S; Aue, A; Goebeler, M; Schrama, D; Hesbacher, S Characterization of functional domains in the Merkel cell polyoma virus Large T antigen.
Int J Cancer. 2015; 136(5):E290-E300 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Leithner, K; Hrzenjak, A; Trötzmüller, M; Moustafa, T; Köfeler, HC; Wohlkoenig, C; Stacher, E; Lindenmann, J; Harris, AL; Olschewski, A; Olschewski, H PCK2 activation mediates an adaptive response to glucose depletion in lung cancer.
Oncogene. 2015; 34(8):1044-1050
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Schwarzenbacher, D; Stiegelbauer, V; Deutsch, A; Ress, AL; Aigelsreiter, A; Schauer, S; Wagner, K; Langsenlehner, T; Resel, M; Gerger, A; Ling, H; Ivan, C; Calin, GA; Hoefler, G; Rinner, B; Pichler, M Low spinophilin expression enhances aggressive biological behavior of breast cancer.
Oncotarget. 2015; 6(13):11191-11202 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Forster, T; Rausch, V; Zhang, Y; Isayev, O; Heilmann, K; Schoensiegel, F; Liu, L; Nessling, M; Richter, K; Labsch, S; Nwaeburu, CC; Mattern, J; Gladkich, J; Giese, N; Werner, J; Schemmer, P; Gross, W; Gebhard, MM; Gerhauser, C; Schaefer, M; Herr, I Sulforaphane counteracts aggressiveness of pancreatic cancer driven by dysregulated Cx43-mediated gap junctional intercellular communication.
Oncotarget. 2014; 5(6):1621-1634 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Quan, P; Moinfar, F; Kufferath, I; Absenger, M; Kueznik, T; Denk, H; Zatloukal, K; Haybaeck, J Effects of targeting endometrial stromal sarcoma cells via histone deacetylase and PI3K/AKT/mTOR signaling.
Anticancer Res. 2014; 34(6):2883-2897
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Shimato, S; Anderson, LM; Asslaber, M; Bruce, JN; Canoll, P; Anderson, DE; Anderson, RC Inhibition of caveolin-1 restores myeloid cell function in human glioblastoma.
PLoS One. 2013; 8(10):e77397-e77397 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Rohrl, C; Meisslitzer-Ruppitsch, C; Bittman, R; Li, ZG; Pabst, G; Prassl, R; Strobl, W; Neumuller, J; Ellinger, A; Pavelka, M; Stangl, H Combined Light and Electron Microscopy Using Diaminobenzidine Photooxidation to Monitor Trafficking of Lipids Derived from Lipoprotein Particles
CURR PHARM BIOTECHNO. 2012; 13(2): 331-340. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Salnikov, AV; Liu, L; Platen, M; Gladkich, J; Salnikova, O; Ryschich, E; Mattern, J; Moldenhauer, G; Werner, J; Schemmer, P; Büchler, MW; Herr, I Hypoxia induces EMT in low and highly aggressive pancreatic tumor cells but only cells with cancer stem cell characteristics acquire pronounced migratory potential.
PLoS One. 2012; 7(9):e46391-e46391 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Hoffmann, K; Shibo, L; Xiao, Z; Longerich, T; Büchler, MW; Schemmer, P Correlation of gene expression of ATP-binding cassette protein and tyrosine kinase signaling pathway in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma.
Anticancer Res. 2011; 31(11):3883-3890
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Mayrhauser, U; Stiegler, P; Stadlbauer, V; Koestenbauer, S; Leber, B; Konrad, K; Iberer, F; Portugaller, RH; Tscheliessnigg, K Effect of hyperthermia on liver cell lines: important findings for thermal therapy in hepatocellular carcinoma.
Anticancer Res. 2011; 31(5):1583-1588
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Presneau, N; Shalaby, A; Ye, H; Pillay, N; Halai, D; Idowu, B; Tirabosco, R; Whitwell, D; Jacques, TS; Kindblom, LG; Brüderlein, S; Möller, P; Leithner, A; Liegl, B; Amary, FM; Athanasou, NN; Hogendoorn, PC; Mertens, F; Szuhai, K; Flanagan, AM Role of the transcription factor T (brachyury) in the pathogenesis of sporadic chordoma: a genetic and functional-based study.
J Pathol. 2011; 223(3): 327-335.
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Shalaby, A; Presneau, N; Ye, H; Halai, D; Berisha, F; Idowu, B; Leithner, A; Liegl, B; Briggs, TR; Bacsi, K; Kindblom, LG; Athanasou, N; Amary, MF; Hogendoorn, PC; Tirabosco, R; Flanagan, AM The role of epidermal growth factor receptor in chordoma pathogenesis: a potential therapeutic target.
J Pathol. 2011; 223(3): 336-346.
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Eberle, J; Spangler, B; Becker, JC; Heinemann, SH; Klein, CA; Kunz, M; Kuphal, S; Langer, P; Mauch, C; Meierjohann, S; Paschen, A; Schadendorf, D; Schartl, M; Schittek, B; Schonherr, R; Tuting, T; Zigrino, P; Bosserhoff, AK Multicentre study on standardisation of melanoma cell culture - an initiative of the German Melanoma Research Network
PIGM CELL MELANOMA R. 2010; 23(2): 296-298.
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Erdman, SE; Rao, VP; Olipitz, W; Taylor, CL; Jackson, EA; Levkovich, T; Lee, CW; Horwitz, BH; Fox, JG; Ge, ZM; Poutahidis, T Unifying roles for regulatory T cells and inflammation in cancer.
Int J Cancer. 2010; 126(7):1651-1665 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Hoffmann, K; Franz, C; Xiao, Z; Mohr, E; Serba, S; Büchler, MW; Schemmer, P Sorafenib modulates the gene expression of multi-drug resistance mediating ATP-binding cassette proteins in experimental hepatocellular carcinoma.
Anticancer Res. 2010; 30(11):4503-4508
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Kopp, KLM; Kauczok, CS; Lauenborg, B; Krejsgaard, T; Eriksen, KW; Zhang, Q; Wasik, MA; Geisler, C; Ralfkiaer, E; Becker, JC; Odum, N; Woetmann, A COX-2-dependent PGE(2) acts as a growth factor in mycosis fungoides (MF)
LEUKEMIA. 2010; 24(6): 1179-1185. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Müller-Tidow, C; Klein, HU; Hascher, A; Isken, F; Tickenbrock, L; Thoennissen, N; Agrawal-Singh, S; Tschanter, P; Disselhoff, C; Wang, Y; Becker, A; Thiede, C; Ehninger, G; zur Stadt, U; Koschmieder, S; Seidl, M; Müller, FU; Schmitz, W; Schlenke, P; McClelland, M; Berdel, WE; Dugas, M; Serve, H; Study Alliance Leukemia Profiling of histone H3 lysine 9 trimethylation levels predicts transcription factor activity and survival in acute myeloid leukemia.
Blood. 2010; 116(18): 3564-3571. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Soriţău, O; Tomuleasa, CI; Páll, E; Virág, P; Fischer-Fodor, E; Foris, V; Barbos, O; Tatomir, C; Kacsó, G; Irimie, A Enhanced chemoresistance and tumor sphere formation as a laboratory model for peritoneal micrometastasis in epithelial ovarian cancer.
Rom J Morphol Embryol. 2010; 51(2):259-264 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Tomuleasa, C; Soritau, O; Rus-Ciuca, D; Pop, T; Todea, D; Mosteanu, O; Pintea, B; Foris, V; Susman, S; Kacsó, G; Irimie, A Isolation and characterization of hepatic cancer cells with stem-like properties from hepatocellular carcinoma.
J Gastrointestin Liver Dis. 2010; 19(1):61-67 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Pfragner, R; Behmel, A; Höger, H; Beham, A; Ingolic, E; Stelzer, I; Svejda, B; Moser, VA; Obenauf, AC; Siegl, V; Haas, O; Niederle, B Establishment and characterization of three novel cell lines - P-STS, L-STS, H-STS - derived from a human metastatic midgut carcinoid.
ANTICANCER RES. 2009; 29(6): 1951-1961. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Reim, F; Dombrowski, Y; Ritter, C; Buttmann, M; Hausler, S; Ossadnik, M; Krockenberger, M; Beier, D; Beier, CP; Dietl, J; Becker, JC; Honig, A; Wischhusen, J Immunoselection of breast and ovarian cancer cells with trastuzumab and natural killer cells: selective escape of CD44high/CD24low/HER2low breast cancer stem cells.
Cancer Res. 2009; 69(20):8058-8066 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Gil, Z; Kelly, KJ; Brader, P; Shah, JP; Fong, Y; Wong, RJ Utility of a herpes oncolytic virus for the detection of neural invasion by cancer.
Neoplasia. 2008; 10(4):347-353 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Kidd, M; Schally, AV; Pfragner, R; Malfertheiner, MV; Modlin, IM Inhibition of proliferation of small intestinal and bronchopulmonary neuroendocrine cell lines by using peptide analogs targeting receptors.
Cancer. 2008; 112(6): 1404-1414. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Ochsenreither, S; Fusi, A; Busse, A; Nagorsen, D; Schrama, D; Becker, J; Thiel, E; Keilholz, U Relative quantification of TCR Vbeta-chain families by real time PCR for identification of clonal T-cell populations.
J Transl Med. 2008; 6(1):34-34 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Sauermann, M; Sahin, O; Sültmann, H; Hahne, F; Blaszkiewicz, S; Majety, M; Zatloukal, K; Füzesi, L; Poustka, A; Wiemann, S; Arlt, D Reduced expression of vacuole membrane protein 1 affects the invasion capacity of tumor cells.
Oncogene. 2008; 27(9):1320-1326 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Skoda, C; Erovic, BM; Wachek, V; Vormittag, L; Wrba, F; Martinek, H; Heiduschka, G; Kloimstein, P; Selzer, E; Thurnher, D Down-regulation of Mcl-1 with antisense technology alters the effect of various cytotoxic agents used in treatment of squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck.
Oncol Rep. 2008; 19(6):1499-1503
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Stadler, G; Wieser, M; Streubel, B; Stift, A; Friedl, J; Gnant, M; Niederle, B; Beham, A; Katinger, H; Pfragner, R; Grillari, J; Voglauer, R Low telomerase activity: possible role in the progression of human medullary thyroid carcinoma.
Eur J Cancer. 2008; 44(6): 866-875. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Gattenloehner, S; Chuvpilo, S; Langebrake, C; Reinhardt, D; Muller-Hermelink, HK; Serfling, E; Vincent, A; Marx, A Novel RUNX1 isoforms determine the fate of acute myeloid leukemia cells by controlling CD56 expression.
Blood. 2007; 110(6):2027-2033 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Haas, HS; Pfragner, R; Siegl, V; Ingolic, E; Heintz, E; Schraml, E; Schauenstein, K The non-competitive metabotropic glutamate receptor-1 antagonist CPCCOEt inhibits the in vitro growth of human melanoma.
Oncol Rep. 2007; 17(6): 1399-1404.
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Kidd, M; Modlin, IM; Pfragner, R; Eick, GN; Champaneria, MC; Chan, AK; Camp, RL; Mane, SM Small bowel carcinoid (enterochromaffin cell) neoplasia exhibits transforming growth factor-beta1-mediated regulatory abnormalities including up-regulation of C-Myc and MTA1.
CANCER. 2007; 109(12): 2420-2431. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Kidd, M; Nadler, B; Mane, S; Eick, G; Malfertheiner, M; Champaneria, M; Pfragner, R; Modlin, I GeneChip, geNorm, and gastrointestinal tumors: novel reference genes for real-time PCR.
PHYSIOL GENOMICS. 2007; 30(3): 363-370. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Mende, M; Hopert, A; Wünsche, W; Overhoff, M; Detzer, A; Börngen, K; Schlenke, P; Kirchner, H; Sczakiel, G A hexanucleotide selected for increased cellular uptake in cis contains a highly active CpG-motif in human B cells and primary peripheral blood mononuclear cells.
Immunology. 2007; 120(2):261-272 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Staber, PB; Vesely, P; Haq, N; Ott, RG; Funato, K; Bambach, I; Fuchs, C; Schauer, S; Linkesch, W; Hrzenjak, A; Dirks, WG; Sexl, V; Bergler, H; Kadin, ME; Sternberg, DW; Kenner, L; Hoefler, G The oncoprotein NPM-ALK of anaplastic large-cell lymphoma induces JUNB transcription via ERK1/2 and JunB translation via mTOR signaling.
Blood. 2007; 110(9):3374-3383 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Ugurel, S; Thirumaran, RK; Bloethner, S; Gast, A; Sucker, A; Mueller-Berghaus, J; Rittgen, W; Hemminki, K; Becker, JC; Kumar, R; Schadendorf, D B-RAF and N-RAS Mutations Are Preserved during Short Time In Vitro Propagation and Differentially Impact Prognosis
PLOS ONE. 2007; 2(2): [OPEN ACCESS]
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Bachleitner-Hofmann, T; Strohschneider, M; Krieger, P; Sachet, M; Dubsky, P; Hayden, H; Schoppmann, SF; Pfragner, R; Gnant, M; Friedl, J; Stift, A Heat shock treatment of tumor lysate-pulsed dendritic cells enhances their capacity to elicit antitumor T cell responses against medullary thyroid carcinoma.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2006; 91(11): 4571-4577. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Bloethner, S; Hemminki, K; Thirumaran, RK; Chen, B; Mueller-Berghaus, J; Ugurel, S; Schadendorf, D; Kumar, R Differences in global gene expression in melanoma cell lines with and without homozygous deletion of the CDKN2A locus genes.
Melanoma Res. 2006; 16(4):297-307
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Goel, A; Fuerst, F; Hotchkiss, E; Boland, CR Selenomethionine induces p53 mediated cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in human colon cancer cells.
Cancer Biol Ther. 2006; 5(5):529-535 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Hrzenjak, A; Moinfar, F; Kremser, ML; Strohmeier, B; Staber, PB; Zatloukal, K; Denk, H Valproate inhibition of histone deacetylase 2 affects differentiation and decreases proliferation of endometrial stromal sarcoma cells.
Mol Cancer Ther. 2006; 5(9):2203-2210 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Mayr, C; Speicher, MR; Kofler, DM; Buhmann, R; Strehl, J; Busch, R; Hallek, M; Wendtner, CM Chromosomal translocations are associated with poor prognosis in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
Blood. 2006; 107(2):742-751 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Schledzewski, K; Falkowski, M; Moldenhauer, G; Metharom, P; Kzhyshkowska, J; Ganss, R; Demory, A; Falkowska-Hansen, B; Kurzen, H; Ugurel, S; Geginat, G; Arnold, B; Goerdt, S Lymphatic endothelium-specific hyaluronan receptor LYVE-1 is expressed by stabilin-1+, F4/80+, CD11b+ macrophages in malignant tumours and wound healing tissue in vivo and in bone marrow cultures in vitro: implications for the assessment of lymphangiogenesis.
J Pathol. 2006; 209(1):67-77
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Till, H; Metzger, R; Bergmann, F; Haeberle, B; Schaeffer, K; von Schweinitz, D; Gahlen, J; Prosst, RL Tumor model for laparoscopy in pediatric oncology: Subperitoneal inoculation of human hepatoblastoma cells in nude rats
Eur J Pediatr Surg. 2006; 16(4):231-234
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