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Longhi, A; Bielack, SS; Grimer, R; Whelan, J; Windhager, R; Leithner, A; Gronchi, A; Biau, D; Jutte, P; Krieg, AH; Klenke, FM; Grignani, G; Donati, DM; Capanna, R; Casanova, J; Gerrand, C; Bisogno, G; Hecker-Nolting, S; De Lisa, M; D'Ambrosio, L; Willegger, M; Scoccianti, G; Ferrari, S Extraskeletal osteosarcoma: A European Musculoskeletal Oncology Society study on 266 patients.
Eur J Cancer. 2017; 74(1):9-16 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Lazova, R; Seeley, EH; Kutzner, H; Scolyer, RA; Scott, G; Cerroni, L; Fried, I; Kozovska, ME; Rosenberg, AS; Prieto, VG; Shehata, BM; Durham, MM; Henry, G; Rodriguez-Peralto, JL; Riveiro-Falkenbach, E; Schaefer, JT; Danialan, R; Fraitag, S; Vollenweider-Roten, S; Sepehr, A; Sangueza, M; Hijazi, N; Corredoira, Y; Kowal, R; Harris, OM; Bravo, F; Boyd, AS; Gueorguieva, R; Caprioli, RM Imaging mass spectrometry assists in the classification of diagnostically challenging atypical Spitzoid neoplasms.
J Am Acad Dermatol. 2016; 75(6):1176-1186 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Partl, R; Fastner, G; Kaiser, J; Kronhuber, E; Cetin-Strohmer, K; Steffal, C; Böhmer-Breitfelder, B; Mayer, J; Avian, A; Berghold, A KPS/LDH index: a simple tool for identifying patients with metastatic melanoma who are unlikely to benefit from palliative whole brain radiotherapy.
Support Care Cancer. 2016; 24(2):523-528 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Aufderklamm, S; Todenhöfer, T; Hennenlotter, J; Gakis, G; Mischinger, J; Mundhenk, J; Germann, M; Stenzl, A; Schwentner, C Post-chemotherapy laparoscopic retroperitoneal lymph node dissection in low volume residual germ cell cancer: a technique to reduce morbidity].
Urologe A. 2013; 52(8):1097-1103
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Hofmann, G; Balic, M; Dandachi, N; Resel, M; Schippinger, W; Regitnig, P; Samonigg, H; Bauernhofer, T The predictive value of serum soluble E-cadherin levels in breast cancer patients undergoing preoperative systemic chemotherapy.
Clin Biochem. 2013; 46(15):1585-1589
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Partl, R; Richtig, E; Avian, A; Berghold, A; Kapp, KS Karnofsky performance status and lactate dehydrogenase predict the benefit of palliative whole-brain irradiation in patients with advanced intra- and extracranial metastases from malignant melanoma.
Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2013; 85(3):662-666
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Froehlich, EV; Scheipl, S; Lazary, A; Varga, PP; Schmid, C; Stammberger, H; Beham, A; Bodo, K; Schroettner, H; Quehenberger, F; Windhager, R; Liegl, B; Leithner, A Expression of Ezrin, MMP-9, and COX-2 in 50 Chordoma Specimens: A Clinical and Immunohistochemical Analysis.
Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2012; 37(13):E757-E767
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Rausch, V; Liu, L; Apel, A; Rettig, T; Gladkich, J; Labsch, S; Kallifatidis, G; Kaczorowski, A; Groth, A; Gross, W; Gebhard, MM; Schemmer, P; Werner, J; Salnikov, AV; Zentgraf, H; Büchler, MW; Herr, I Autophagy mediates survival of pancreatic tumour-initiating cells in a hypoxic microenvironment.
J Pathol. 2012; 227(3):325-335
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Welter, S; Grabellus, F; Bauer, S; Schuler, M; Eberhardt, W; Tötsch, M; Stamatis, G Growth patterns of lung metastases from sarcoma: prognostic and surgical implications from histology.
Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg. 2012; 15(4): 612-617. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Brookman-May, S; May, M; Zigeuner, R; Shariat, SF; Scherr, DS; Chromecki, T; Moch, H; Wild, PJ; Mohamad-Al-Ali, B; Cindolo, L; Wieland, WF; Schips, L; De Cobelli, O; Rocco, B; Santoro, L; De Nunzio, C; Tubaro, A; Coman, I; Feciche, B; Truss, M; Dalpiaz, O; Hohenfellner, M; Gilfrich, C; Wirth, MP; Burger, M; Pahernik, S; CORONA Project (Collaborative Research on Renal Neoplasms Association) Collecting system invasion and Fuhrman grade but not tumor size facilitate prognostic stratification of patients with pT2 renal cell carcinoma.
J Urol. 2011; 186(6): 2175-2181.
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Olsen, EA; Whittaker, S; Kim, YH; Duvic, M; Prince, HM; Lessin, SR; Wood, GS; Willemze, R; Demierre, MF; Pimpinelli, N; Bernengo, MG; Ortiz-Romero, PL; Bagot, M; Estrach, T; Guitart, J; Knobler, R; Sanches, JA; Iwatsuki, K; Sugaya, M; Dummer, R; Pittelkow, M; Hoppe, R; Parker, S; Geskin, L; Pinter-Brown, L; Girardi, M; Burg, G; Ranki, A; Vermeer, M; Horwitz, S; Heald, P; Rosen, S; Cerroni, L; Dreno, B; Vonderheid, EC Clinical end points and response criteria in mycosis fungoides and sezary syndrome: a consensus statement of the international society for cutaneous lymphomas, the United States cutaneous lymphoma consortium, and the cutaneous lymphoma task force of the European organisation for research and treatment of cancer.
J CLIN ONCOL. 2011; 29(18): 2598-2607. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Zigeuner, R; Hutterer, G; Chromecki, T; Imamovic, A; Kampel-Kettner, K; Rehak, P; Langner, C; Pummer, K External validation of the Mayo Clinic stage, size, grade, and necrosis (SSIGN) score for clear-cell renal cell carcinoma in a single European centre applying routine pathology.
Eur Urol. 2010; 57(1): 102-109.
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Kelly, K; Brader, P; Rein, A; Shah, JP; Wong, RJ; Fong, Y; Gil, Z Attenuated multimutated herpes simplex virus-1 effectively treats prostate carcinomas with neural invasion while preserving nerve function.
FASEB J. 2008; 22(6):1839-1848 [OPEN ACCESS]
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