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Peschel, I; Podmirseg, SR; Taschler, M; Duyster, J; Götze, KS; Sill, H; Nachbaur, D; Jäkel, H; Hengst, L FLT3 and FLT3-ITD phosphorylate and inactivate the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p27Kip1 in acute myeloid leukemia.
Haematologica. 2017; 102(8):1378-1389 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Poetsch, M; Ergin, Z; Bayer, K; El-Mostaqim, D; Rakotomavo, N; Browne, EN; Timmann, C; Horstmann, RD; Schwark, T; von Wurmb-Schwark, N The new Powerplex® ESX17 and ESI17 kits in paternity and maternity analyses involving people from Africa--including allele frequencies for three African populations.
Int J Legal Med. 2011; 125(1): 149-154.
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von Wurmb-Schwark, N; Schwark, T Genetic determination of sibship and twin zygosity in a case of an alleged double infant homicide.
Leg Med (Tokyo). 2009; 11 Suppl 1(1-3): S510-S511. (- Case Report)
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von Wurmb-Schwark, N; Heinrich, A; Freudenberg, M; Gebühr, M; Schwark, T The impact of DNA contamination of bone samples in forensic case analysis and anthropological research.
Leg Med (Tokyo). 2008; 10(3): 125-130.
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Majer, S; Bauer, M; Magnet, E; Strele, A; Giegerl, E; Eder, M; Lang, U; Pertl, B Maternal urine for prenatal diagnosis--an analysis of cell-free fetal DNA in maternal urine and plasma in the third trimester.
Prenat Diagn. 2007; 27(13):1219-1223
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von Wurmb-Schwark, N; Schwark, T; Christiansen, L; Lorenz, D; Oehmichen, M The use of different multiplex PCRs for twin zygosity determination and its application in forensic trace analysis.
Leg Med (Tokyo). 2004; 6(2): 125-130.
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Greinix, HT; Reiter, E; Schulenburg, A; Keil, F; Lechner, K; Fischer, G; Rosenmayr, A; Leitner, G; Kalhs, P Matched unrelated donor marrow transplantation in patients with advanced acute leukemia.
Bone Marrow Transplant. 1998; 22 Suppl 4(8):S53-S56
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