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Zygmunt, M; Wienhard, J; Boving, B; Münstedt, K; Braems, G; Bohle, RM; Lang, U Expression of cell adhesion molecules in the extravillous trophoblast in placentas of preterm pregnancies and in placentas at term
Zentralbl Gynakol. 1998; 120(10): 488-492.



Hofer, HP; Kukovetz, E; Egger, G; Wildburger, R; Quehenberger, F; Schaur, RJ Polymorphonuclear leucocyte migration response in uneventful wound healing following trauma surgery. A contribution to the search for objectifiable criteria in wound healing monitoring.
Arch Orthop Trauma Surg. 1994; 113(3):170-173
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Wilders-Truschnig, MM; Kabel, PJ; Drexhage, HA; Beham, A; Leb, G; Eber, O; Hebenstreit, J; Loidolt, D; Dohr, G; Lanzer, G Intrathyroidal dendritic cells, epitheloid cells, and giant cells in iodine deficient goiter.
AMER J PATHOL 1989 135: 219-225. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Reibnegger, G; Bollbach, R; Fuchs, D; Hausen, A; Judmaier, G; Prior, C; Rotthauwe, HW; Werner, ER; Wachter, H A simple index relating clinical activity in Crohn's disease with T cell activation: hematocrit, frequency of liquid stools and urinary neopterin as parameters.
Immunobiology. 1986; 173(1):1-11
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Stockinger, H; Majdic, O; Liszka, K; Aberer, W; Bettelheim, P; Lutz, D; Knapp, W Exposure by desialylation of myeloid antigens on acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells.
J Natl Cancer Inst. 1984; 73(1):7-11 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Yam, P; Petz, LD; Spath, P Detection of IgG sensitization of red cells with 125I staphylococcal protein A.
Am J Hematol. 1982; 12(4):337-346
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