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Schwingenschuh, P; Saifee, TA; Katschnig-Winter, P; Macerollo, A; Koegl-Wallner, M; Culea, V; Ghadery, C; Hofer, E; Pendl, T; Seiler, S; Werner, U; Franthal, S; Maurits, NM; Tijssen, MA; Schmidt, R; Rothwell, JC; Bhatia, KP; Edwards, MJ Validation of "laboratory-supported" criteria for functional (psychogenic) tremor.
Mov Disord. 2016; 31(4):555-562
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Leitner, A; Pieh, C; Matzer, F; Fazekas, C Is there adequate care for patients with psychosomatic disorders in Austria? Analysis of the need and a proposal for a model of quality assurance in Austrian psychosomatic medicine].
Z Psychosom Med Psychother. 2013; 59(4):408-421
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Bohus, M; Kapfhammer, HP Psychosomatic].
NERVENARZT. 2012; 83(11): 1399-1402. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Fritzer, N; Tammaa, A; Salzer, H; Hudelist, G Effects of surgical excision of endometriosis regarding quality of life and psychological well-being: a review.
Womens Health (Lond). 2012; 8(4):427-435
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Kapfhammer, HP The relationship between depression, anxiety and heart disease - a psychosomatic challenge.
PSYCHIAT DANUB. 2011; 23(4): 412-424. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Schwingenschuh, P; Katschnig, P; Seiler, S; Saifee, TA; Aguirregomozcorta, M; Cordivari, C; Schmidt, R; Rothwell, JC; Bhatia, KP; Edwards, MJ Moving toward "laboratory-supported" criteria for psychogenic tremor.
Mov Disord. 2011; 26(14):2509-2515 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Fazekas, Ch; Kolar, M; Golth, D Developing a network for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy in Austria].
Wien Med Wochenschr. 2002; 152(19-20):521-527


Söllner, W; Stix, P; Stein, B; Franz, M; Lampe, A; Herzog, T Quality criteria for psychosomatic consultation-liaison service
Wien Med Wochenschr. 2002; 152(19-2): 528-534.
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Kapfhammer, HP; Rothenhäusler, HB; Dietrich, E; Dobmeier, P; Mayer, C Artifactual disorders--between deception and self-mutilation. Experiences in consultation psychiatry at a university clinic
Nervenarzt. 1998; 69(5): 401-409.
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Freidl, W; Friedrich, G; Egger, J; Fitzek, T Psychogenic aspects of functional dysphonia
FOLIA PHONIAT 1993 45: 10-13.
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Mayer, C; Kapfhammer, HP Couvade syndrome, a psychogenic illness in the transition to fatherhood
Fortschr Neurol Psychiatr. 1993; 61(10): 354-360.
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Moser, M; Jakse, R; Friedrich, G The assessment results of patients with neurootological symptoms (author's transl)
HNO. 1980; 28(6):177-182
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