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Kaufmann, S; Mischinger, J; Amend, B; Rausch, S; Adam, M; Scharpf, M; Fend, F; Kramer, U; Notohamiprodjo, M; Nikolaou, K; Stenzl, A; Bedke, J; Kruck, S First report of robot-assisted transperineal fusion versus off-target biopsy in patients undergoing repeat prostate biopsy.
World J Urol. 2017; 35(7):1023-1029
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Mohamad Al-Ali, B; Ponholzer, A; Augustin, H; Madersbacher, S; Pummer, K The Long-Term Effect of Radical Prostatectomy on Erectile Function, Urinary Continence, and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms: A Comparison to Age-Matched Healthy Controls.
Biomed Res Int. 2017; 2017(1):9615080-9615080 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Todenhöfer, T; Hennenlotter, J; Leidenberger, P; Wald, A; Hohneder, A; Kühs, U; Mischinger, J; Aufderklamm, S; Gakis, G; Blumenstock, G; Stenzl, A; Schwentner, C Serum receptor activator of nuclear factor κB ligand (RANKL) levels predict biochemical recurrence in patients undergoing radical prostatectomy.
BJU Int. 2014; 113(1):152-159
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Augustin, H; Auprich, M; Mannweiler, S; Pachernegg, O; Al-Ali, BM; Pummer, K Prostate cancers detected by saturation repeat biopsy impairs the Partin tables' accuracy to predict final pathological stage.
BJU Int. 2012; 110(3):363-368 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Porter, CR; Suardi, N; Capitanio, U; Hutterer, GC; Kodama, K; Gibbons, RP; Correa, R; Perrotte, P; Montorsi, F; Karakiewicz, PI A nomogram predicting prostate cancer-specific mortality after radical prostatectomy.
Urol Int. 2010; 84(2): 132-140. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Galosi, AB; Montironi, R; Fabiani, A; Lacetera, V; Galle, G; Muzzonigro, G Cystic lesions of the prostate gland: an ultrasound classification with pathological correlation.
J UROL. 2009; 181(2): 647-657.
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Gallina, A; Chun, FK; Suardi, N; Eastham, JA; Perrotte, P; Graefen, M; Hutterer, G; Huland, H; Klein, EA; Reuther, A; Montorsi, F; Briganti, A; Shariat, SF; Roehrborn, CG; de la Taille, A; Salomon, L; Karakiewicz, PI Comparison of stage migration patterns between Europe and the USA: an analysis of 11 350 men treated with radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer.
BJU Int. 2008; 101(12):1513-1518 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Walz, J; Suardi, N; Shariat, SF; Jeldres, C; Perrotte, P; Graefen, M; Widmer, H; Arjane, P; Valiquette, L; Hutterer, G; Saad, F; Karakiewicz, PI Accuracy of life tables in predicting overall survival in patients after radical prostatectomy.
BJU Int. 2008; 102(1):33-38 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Briganti, A; Chun, FK; Hutterer, GC; Gallina, A; Shariat, SF; Salonia, A; Scattoni, V; Valiquette, L; Montorsi, F; Rigatti, P; Graefen, M; Huland, H; Karakiewicz, PI Systematic assessment of the ability of the number and percentage of positive biopsy cores to predict pathologic stage and biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy.
Eur Urol. 2007; 52(3):733-743
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Briganti, A; Shariat, SF; Chun, FK; Hutterer, GC; Roehrborn, CG; Gallina, A; Rigatti, P; Valiquette, L; Montorsi, F; Karakiewicz, PI Differences in the rate of lymph node invasion in men with clinically localized prostate cancer might be related to the continent of origin.
BJU Int. 2007; 100(3):528-532 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Chun, FKH; Briganti, A; Gallina, A; Hutterer, GC; Shariat, SF; Antebie, E; Walz, J; Roehrborn, CG; Salonia, A; Rigatti, P; Saad, F; Huland, H; Montotsi, F; Graefen, M; Karakiewicz, PI Prostate-specific antigen improves the ability of clinical stage and biopsy Gleason sum to predict the pathologic stage at radical prostatectomy in the new millennium.
Eur Urol. 2007; 52(4):1067-1074
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Augustin, H; Hammerer, PG; Blonski, J; Graefen, M; Palisaar, J; Daghofer, F; Huland, H; Erbersdobler, A Zonal location of prostate cancer: significance for disease-free survival after radical prostatectomy?
UROLOGY. 2003; 62(1): 79-85.
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