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Mohamad Al-Ali, B; Ponholzer, A; Augustin, H; Madersbacher, S; Pummer, K The Long-Term Effect of Radical Prostatectomy on Erectile Function, Urinary Continence, and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms: A Comparison to Age-Matched Healthy Controls.
Biomed Res Int. 2017; 2017(1):9615080-9615080 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Venturino, L; Dalpiaz, O; Pummer, K; Primus, G Adjustable Continence Balloons in Men: Adjustments Do Not Translate Into Long-term Continence.
Urology. 2015; 85(6):1448-1452
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Hoda, MR; Primus, G; Fischereder, K; Von Heyden, B; Mohammed, N; Schmid, N; Moll, V; Hamza, A; Karsch, JJ; Brossner, C; Fornara, P; Bauer, W; Early results of a European multicentre experience with a new self-anchoring adjustable transobturator system for treatment of stress urinary incontinence in men.
BJU Int. 2013; 111(2):296-303 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Mohamad, BA; Marszalek, M; Brössner, C; Ponholzer, A; Wehrberger, C; Willinger, M; Madersbacher, S Radical prostatectomy in Austria: a nationwide analysis of 16,524 cases.
Eur Urol. 2007; 51(3):684-688
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Augustin, H; Hammerer, P; Graefen, M; Palisaar, J; Noldus, J; Fernandez, S; Huland, H Intraoperative and perioperative morbidity of contemporary radical retropubic prostatectomy in a consecutive series of 1243 patients: results of a single center between 1999 and 2002.
EUR UROL. 2003; 43(2): 113-118.
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Augustin, H; Pummer, K; Daghofer, F; Habermann, H; Primus, G; Hubmer, G Patient self-reporting questionnaire on urological morbidity and bother after radical retropubic prostatectomy.
Eur Urol. 2002; 42(2):112-117
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Colombo, T; Augustin, H; Breinl, E; Schips, L; Hubmer, G The use of polydimethylsiloxane in the treatment of incontinence after radical prostatectomy.
Br J Urol. 1997; 80(6):923-926 [OPEN ACCESS]
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