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Eglseer, D; Visser, M; Volkert, D; Lohrmann, C Nutrition education on malnutrition in older adults in European medical schools: need for improvement?
EUR GERIATR MED. 2019; 10(2): 313-318.
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Sari, SP; Everink, IH; Sari, EA; Afriandi, I; Amir, Y; Lohrmann, C; Halfens, RJ; Schols, JM The prevalence of pressure ulcers in community-dwelling older adults: A study in an Indonesian city
INT WOUND J. 2019; 16(2): 534-541.
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Stolz, E; Mayerl, H; Freidl, W Fluctuations in frailty among older adults.
Age Ageing. 2019;
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Eglseer, D; Halfens, RJG; Schüssler, S; Visser, M; Volkert, D; Lohrmann, C Is the topic of malnutrition in older adults addressed in the European nursing curricula? A MaNuEL study.
Nurse Educ Today. 2018; 68(2): 13-18.
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Kossioni, AE; Hajto-Bryk, J; Janssens, B; Maggi, S; Marchini, L; McKenna, G; Müller, F; Petrovic, M; Roller-Wirnsberger, RE; Schimmel, M; van der Putten, GJ; Vanobbergen, J; Zarzecka, J Practical Guidelines for Physicians in Promoting Oral Health in Frail Older Adults.
J Am Med Dir Assoc. 2018; 19(12): 1039-1046.
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Kossioni, AE; Hajto-Bryk, J; Maggi, S; McKenna, G; Petrovic, M; Roller-Wirnsberger, RE; Schimmel, M; Tamulaitienè, M; Vanobbergen, J; Müller, F An Expert Opinion from the European College of Gerodontology and the European Geriatric Medicine Society: European Policy Recommendations on Oral Health in Older Adults.
J Am Geriatr Soc. 2018; 66(3):609-613 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Liotta, G; Ussai, S; Illario, M; O'Caoimh, R; Cano, A; Holland, C; Roller-Wirnsberger, R; Capanna, A; Grecuccio, C; Ferraro, M; Paradiso, F; Ambrosone, C; Morucci, L; Scarcella, P; De Luca, V; Palombi, L Frailty as the Future Core Business of Public Health: Report of the Activities of the A3 Action Group of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA).
Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2018; 15(12): [OPEN ACCESS]
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Marusic, U; Kavcic, V; Pisot, R; Goswami, N The Role of Enhanced Cognition to Counteract Detrimental Effects of Prolonged Bed Rest: Current Evidence and Perspectives.
Front Physiol. 2018; 9: 1864-1864. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Marzetti, E; Cesari, M; Calvani, R; Msihid, J; Tosato, M; Rodriguez-Mañas, L; Lattanzio, F; Cherubini, A; Bejuit, R; Di Bari, M; Maggio, M; Vellas, B; Dantoine, T; Cruz-Jentoft, AJ; Sieber, CC; Freiberger, E; Skalska, A; Grodzicki, T; Sinclair, AJ; Topinkova, E; Rýznarová, I; Strandberg, T; Schols, AMWJ; Schols, JMGA; Roller-Wirnsberger, R; Jónsson, PV; Ramel, A; Del Signore, S; Pahor, M; Roubenoff, R; Bernabei, R; Landi, F; SPRINTT Consortium The "Sarcopenia and Physical fRailty IN older people: multi-componenT Treatment strategies" (SPRINTT) randomized controlled trial: Case finding, screening and characteristics of eligible participants.
Exp Gerontol. 2018; 113:48-57 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Riva, F; Tschernegg, M; Chiesa, PA; Wagner, IC; Kronbichler, M; Lamm, C; Silani, G Age-related differences in the neural correlates of empathy for pleasant and unpleasant touch in a female sample.
Neurobiol Aging. 2018; 65: 7-17.
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Schwarz, C; Stekovic, S; Wirth, M; Benson, G; Royer, P; Sigrist, SJ; Pieber, T; Dammbrueck, C; Magnes, C; Eisenberg, T; Pendl, T; Bohlken, J; Köbe, T; Madeo, F; Flöel, A Safety and tolerability of spermidine supplementation in mice and older adults with subjective cognitive decline.
Aging (Albany NY). 2018; [OPEN ACCESS]
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Stolz, E; Mayerl, H; Rásky, É; Freidl, W Does Sample Attrition Affect the Assessment of Frailty Trajectories Among Older Adults? A Joint Model Approach.
Gerontology. 2018; 64(5):430-439
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Vetrano, DL; Palmer, K; Marengoni, A; Marzetti, E; Lattanzio, F; Roller-Wirnsberger, R; Lopez Samaniego, L; Rodríguez-Mañas, L; Bernabei, R; Onder, G; Joint Action ADVANTAGE WP4 group Frailty and multimorbidity: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2018;
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Moser, S; Luxenberger, W; Freidl, W [Perception of hearing problems in the older population].
HNO. 2017; 65(8):671-679 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Moser, S; Luxenberger, W; Freidl, W The Influence of Social Support and Coping on Quality of Life Among Elderly With Age-Related Hearing Loss.
Am J Audiol. 2017; 26(2):170-179
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Rodriguez, J; Blaber, AP; Kneihsl, M; Trozic, I; Ruedl, R; Green, DA; Broadbent, J; Xu, D; Rössler, A; Hinghofer-Szalkay, H; Fazekas, F; Goswami, N Poststroke alterations in heart rate variability during orthostatic challenge.
Medicine (Baltimore). 2017; 96(14):e5989-e5989 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Seiler, S; Pirpamer, L; Gesierich, B; Hofer, E; Duering, M; Pinter, D; Jouvent, E; Fazekas, F; Mangin, JF; Chabriat, H; Ropele, S; Schmidt, R Lower Magnetization Transfer Ratio in the Forceps Minor Is Associated with Poorer Gait Velocity in Older Adults.
AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2017; 38(3):500-506 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Stolz, E; Mayerl, H; Gasser-Steiner, P; Freidl, W Attitudes towards assisted suicide and euthanasia among care-dependent older adults (50+) in Austria: the role of socio-demographics, religiosity, physical illness, psychological distress, and social isolation.
BMC Med Ethics. 2017; 18(1):71-71 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Stolz, E; Mayerl, H; Waxenegger, A; Freidl, W Explaining the impact of poverty on old-age frailty in Europe: material, psychosocial and behavioural factors.
Eur J Public Health. 2017; 27(6):1003-1009 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Stolz, E; Mayerl, H; Waxenegger, A; Rásky, É; Freidl, W Impact of socioeconomic position on frailty trajectories in 10 European countries: evidence from the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (2004-2013).
J Epidemiol Community Health. 2017; 71(1):73-80
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Bizzarri, JV; Casetti, V; Panzani, P; Unterhauser, J; Mulas, S; Fanolla, A; Zitelli, C; Briani, A; Giupponi, G; Maremmani, I; Conca, A Risky use and misuse of alcohol and cigarettes in psychiatric inpatients: a screening questionnaire study.
Compr Psychiatry. 2016; 70(6):9-16
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Eglseer, D; Eminovic, S; Lohrmann, C Association Between Sarcopenia and Nutritional Status in Older Adults: A Systematic Literature Review.
J Gerontol Nurs. 2016; 42(7):33-41
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Ibrahim-Verbaas, CA; Bressler, J; Debette, S; Schuur, M; Smith, AV; Bis, JC; Davies, G; Trompet, S; Smith, JA; Wolf, C; Chibnik, LB; Liu, Y; Vitart, V; Kirin, M; Petrovic, K; Polasek, O; Zgaga, L; Fawns-Ritchie, C; Hoffmann, P; Karjalainen, J; Lahti, J; Llewellyn, DJ; Schmidt, CO; Mather, KA; Chouraki, V; Sun, Q; Resnick, SM; Rose, LM; Oldmeadow, C; Stewart, M; Smith, BH; Gudnason, V; Yang, Q; Mirza, SS; Jukema, JW; deJager, PL; Harris, TB; Liewald, DC; Amin, N; Coker, LH; Stegle, O; Lopez, OL; Schmidt, R; Teumer, A; Ford, I; Karbalai, N; Becker, JT; Jonsdottir, MK; Au, R; Fehrmann, R; Herms, S; Nalls, M; Zhao, W; Turner, ST; Yaffe, K; Lohman, K; van Swieten, JC; Kardia, S; Knopman, DS; Meeks, WM; Heiss, G; Holliday, EG; Schofield, PW; Tanaka, T; Stott, DJ; Wang, J; Ridker, P; Gow, AJ; Pattie, A; Starr, JM; Hocking, LJ; Armstrong, NJ; McLachlan, S; Shulman, JM; Pilling, LC; Eiriksdottir, G; Scott, RJ; Kochan, NA; Palotie, A; Hsieh, YC; Eriksson, JG; Penman, A; Gottesman, RF; Oostra, BA; Yu, L; DeStefano, AL; Beiser, A; Garcia, M; Rotter, JI; Nöthen, MM; Hofman, A; Slagboom, PE; Westendorp, R; Buckley, BM; Wolf, PA; Uitterlinden, AG; Psaty, BM; Grabe, HJ; Bandinelli, S; Chasman, DI; Grodstein, F; Räikkönen, K; Lambert, JC; Porteous, DJ; Generation Scotland; Price, JF; Sachdev, PS; Ferrucci, L; Attia, JR; Rudan, I; Hayward, C; Wright, AF; Wilson, JF; Cichon, S; Franke, L; Schmidt, H; Ding, J; de Craen, A; Fornage, M; Bennett, DA; Deary, IJ; Ikram, MA; Launer, LJ; Fitzpatrick, AL; Seshadri, S; van Duijn, CM; Mosley, TH GWAS for executive function and processing speed suggests involvement of the CADM2 gene.
Mol Psychiatry. 2016; 21(2):189-197 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Stolz, E; Fux, B; Mayerl, H; Rásky, É; Freidl, W Passive Suicide Ideation Among Older Adults in Europe: A Multilevel Regression Analysis of Individual and Societal Determinants in 12 Countries (SHARE).
J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci. 2016; 71(5):947-958 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Wagner, D; DeMarco, MM; Amini, N; Buttner, S; Segev, D; Gani, F; Pawlik, TM Role of frailty and sarcopenia in predicting outcomes among patients undergoing gastrointestinal surgery.
World J Gastrointest Surg. 2016; 8(1):27-40 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Weinstein, BE; Sirow, LW; Moser, S Relating Hearing Aid Use to Social and Emotional Loneliness in Older Adults.
Am J Audiol. 2016; 25(1):54-61
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Mol Psychiatry. 2015; 20(2):183-192 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Ghadery, C; Pirpamer, L; Hofer, E; Langkammer, C; Petrovic, K; Loitfelder, M; Schwingenschuh, P; Seiler, S; Duering, M; Jouvent, E; Schmidt, H; Fazekas, F; Mangin, JF; Chabriat, H; Dichgans, M; Ropele, S; Schmidt, R R2* mapping for brain iron: associations with cognition in normal aging.
Neurobiol Aging. 2015; 36(2): 925-932.
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Hartaigh, Bó; Allore, HG; Trentalange, M; McAvay, G; Pilz, S; Dodson, JA; Gill, TM Elevations in time-varying resting heart rate predict subsequent all-cause mortality in older adults.
Eur J Prev Cardiol. 2015; 22(4):527-534 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Stroke. 2015; 46(11):3048-3057 [OPEN ACCESS]
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PLoS Genet. 2015; 11(10):e1005378-e1005378 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Moleiro, C; Madureira, S; Verdelho, A; Ferro, JM; Poggesi, A; Chabriat, H; Erkinjuntti, T; Fazekas, F; Hennerici, M; O'Brien, J; Pantoni, L; Salvadori, E; Scheltens, P; Visser, MC; Wahlund, LO; Waldemar, G; Wallin, A; Inzitari, D; LADIS Study Confirmatory factor analysis of the Neuropsychological Assessment Battery of the LADIS study: a longitudinal analysis.
J Clin Exp Neuropsychol. 2013; 35(3):269-278
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Mangge, H; Almer, G; Zelzer, S; Vasan, R; Kraigher-Krainer, E; Gasser, R; Schnedl, W; Ille, R; Wallner, S; Möller, R; Horejsi, R; Weghuber, D N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide in early and advanced phases of obesity.
Clin Chem Lab Med. 2011; 49(9):1539-1545
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Tork, H; Dassen, T; Lohrmann, C Care dependency of hospitalized children: testing the Care Dependency Scale for Paediatrics in a cross-cultural comparison.
J Adv Nurs. 2009; 65(2):435-442
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Holzinger, A; Mukasa, KS; Nischelwitzer, AK Introduction to the special thematic session: Human-computer interaction and usability for elderly (HCI4AGING)
LECT NOTE COMPUT SCI. 2008; 5105: 18-21. [Poster]
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Holzinger, A; Schaupp, K; Eder-Halbed, W An investigation on acceptance of ubiquitous devices for the elderly in a geriatric hospital environment: Using the example of person tracking
LECT NOTE COMPUT SCI. 2008; 5105: 22-29. [Poster]
Web of Science


Holzinger, A; Searle, G; Kleinberger, T; Seffah, A; Javahery, H Investigating usability metrics for the design and development of applications for the elderly
LECT NOTE COMPUT SCI. 2008; 5105: 98-105. [Poster]
Web of Science



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Br J Psychiatry. 2007; 191(5):212-217 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Circulation. 2003; 108(8):933-938 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Spaide, RF; Campeas, L; Haas, A; Yannuzzi, LA; Fisher, YL; Guyer, DR; Slakter, JS; Sorenson, JA; Orlock, DA Central serous chorioretinopathy in younger and older adults.
Ophthalmology. 1996; 103(12):2070-2079
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Spaide, RF; Hall, L; Haas, A; Campeas, L; Yannuzzi, LA; Fisher, YL; Guyer, DR; Slakter, JS; Sorenson, JA; Orlock, DA Indocyanine green videoangiography of older patients with central serous chorioretinopathy.
Retina. 1996; 16(3): 203-213.
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