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Juntermanns, B; Kaiser, GM; Orth, L; Reis, H; Jaradat, D; Sydor, S; Buechter, M; Kasper, S; Mathé, Z; Sotiropoulos, GC; Baba, HA; Canbay, A; Paul, A; Fingas, CD Comparison of the sixth and the seventh editions of the UICC classification for intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.
Eur J Med Res. 2018; 23(1):29-29 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Bohanes, P; Yang, D; Loupakis, F; LaBonte, MJ; Gerger, A; Ning, Y; Lenz, C; Lenz, F; Wakatsuki, T; Zhang, W; Benhaim, L; El-Khoueiry, A; El-Khoueiry, R; Lenz, HJ Integrin genetic variants and stage-specific tumor recurrence in patients with stage II and III colon cancer.
Pharmacogenomics J. 2015; 15(3):226-234
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Cserni, G; Amendoeira, I; Bianchi, S; Chmielik, E; Degaetano, J; Faverly, D; Figueiredo, P; Foschini, MP; Grabau, D; Jacquemier, J; Kaya, H; Kulka, J; Lacerda, M; Liepniece-Karele, I; Penuela, JM; Quinn, C; Regitnig, P; Reiner-Concin, A; Sapino, A; van Diest, PJ; Varga, Z; Vezzosi, V; Wesseling, J; Zolota, V; Zozaya, E; Wells, CA Distinction of isolated tumour cells and micrometastasis in lymph nodes of breast cancer patients according to the new Tumour Node Metastasis (TNM) definitions.
Eur J Cancer. 2011; 47(6):887-894
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Olsen, EA; Whittaker, S; Kim, YH; Duvic, M; Prince, HM; Lessin, SR; Wood, GS; Willemze, R; Demierre, MF; Pimpinelli, N; Bernengo, MG; Ortiz-Romero, PL; Bagot, M; Estrach, T; Guitart, J; Knobler, R; Sanches, JA; Iwatsuki, K; Sugaya, M; Dummer, R; Pittelkow, M; Hoppe, R; Parker, S; Geskin, L; Pinter-Brown, L; Girardi, M; Burg, G; Ranki, A; Vermeer, M; Horwitz, S; Heald, P; Rosen, S; Cerroni, L; Dreno, B; Vonderheid, EC Clinical end points and response criteria in mycosis fungoides and sezary syndrome: a consensus statement of the international society for cutaneous lymphomas, the United States cutaneous lymphoma consortium, and the cutaneous lymphoma task force of the European organisation for research and treatment of cancer.
J CLIN ONCOL. 2011; 29(18): 2598-2607. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Augustin, H; Fritz, GA; Ehammer, T; Auprich, M; Pummer, K Accuracy of 3-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging for the staging of prostate cancer in comparison to the Partin tables.
Acta Radiol. 2009; 50(5): 562-569.
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Petru, E; Luck, HJ; Stuart, G; Gaffney, D; Millan, D; Vergote, I Gynecologic Cancer Intergroup (GCIG) proposals for changes of the current FIGO staging system.
EUR J OBSTET GYN REPROD BIOL. 2009; 143(2): 69-74.
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Bastian, PJ; Hutterer, GC; Shariat, SF; Rogers, CG; Palapattu, GS; Lotan, Y; Vazina, A; Amiel, GE; Gupta, A; Sagalowsky, AI; Lerner, SP; Schoenberg, MP; Karakiewicz, PI; Bladder Cancer Research Consortium Macroscopic, but not microscopic, perivesical fat invasion at radical cystectomy is an adverse predictor of recurrence and survival.
BJU Int. 2008; 101(4):450-454 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Senff, NJ; Noordijk, EM; Kim, YH; Bagot, M; Berti, E; Cerroni, L; Dummer, R; Duvic, M; Hoppe, RT; Pimpinelli, N; Rosen, ST; Vermeer, MH; Whittaker, S; Willemze, R European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer and International Society for Cutaneous Lymphoma consensus recommendations for the management of cutaneous B-cell lymphomas.
Blood. 2008; 112(5): 1600-1609. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Ficarra, V; Galfano, A; Guillé, F; Schips, L; Tostain, J; Mejean, A; Lang, H; Mulders, P; De La Taille, A; Chautard, D; Descotes, JL; Cindolo, L; Novara, G; Rioux-Leclercq, N; Zattoni, F; Artibani, W; Patard, JJ A new staging system for locally advanced (pT3-4) renal cell carcinoma: a multicenter European study including 2,000 patients.
J Urol. 2007; 178(2):418-424
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Pummer, K; Stettner, H; Augustin, H; Zigeuner, R; Habermann, H; Schips, L; Riedler, I; Trummer, H; Lipsky, K; Williams, SB The use of body mass index to predict pathological stage in patients with clinically localized prostate cancer.
Onkologie. 2007; 30(10): 489-494.
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Cindolo, L; Patard, JJ; Chiodini, P; Schips, L; Ficarra, V; Tostain, J; de La Taille, A; Altieri, V; Lobel, B; Zigeuner, RE; Artibani, W; Guillé, F; Abbou, CC; Salzano, L; Gallo, C Comparison of predictive accuracy of four prognostic models for nonmetastatic renal cell carcinoma after nephrectomy: a multicenter European study.
CANCER. 2005; 104: 1362-1371. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Ficarra, V; Dalpiaz, O; Alrabi, N; Novara, G; Galfano, A; Artibani, W Correlation between clinical and pathological staging in a series of radical cystectomies for bladder carcinoma.
BJU Int. 2005; 95(6):786-790
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Hoffmann, KM; Furukawa, M; Jensen, RT Duodenal neuroendocrine tumors: Classification, functional syndromes, diagnosis and medical treatment.
Best Pract Res Clin Gastroenterol. 2005; 19(5):675-697
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Hammerer, PG; Augustin, H; Blonski, J; Graefen, M; Haese, A; Erbersdobler, A; Daghofer, F; Huland, H Influence of transrectal endosonography on the clinical staging of impalpable prostate cancer. A controversy over the TNM system
UROLOGE A. 2004; 43(3): 307-312.
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Leibl, S; Tsybrovskyy, O; Denk, H How many lymph nodes are necessary to stage early and advanced adenocarcinoma of the sigmoid colon and upper rectum?
Virchows Arch. 2003; 443(2):133-138
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Windhager, R; Welkerling, H; Kastner, N; Krepler, P Surgical therapy of pelvis and spine in primary malignant bone tumors
Orthopade. 2003; 32(11):971-982
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Schwarzmeier, JD; Shehata, M; Hilgarth, M; Marschitz, I; Louda, N; Hubmann, R; Greil, R The role of soluble CD23 in distinguishing stable and progressive forms of B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
Leuk Lymphoma. 2002; 43(3):549-554
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Pizzichetta, MA; Argenziano, G; Talamini, R; Piccolo, D; Gatti, A; Trevisan, G; Sasso, G; Veronesi, A; Carbone, A; Soyer, HP Dermoscopic criteria for melanoma in situ are similar to those for early invasive melanoma.
CANCER 2001 91: 992-997.
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Kronberger, L; Steinschifter, W; Weblacher, M; Estelberger, W; Liebmann, PM; Rabl, H; Smola, M; Lax, SF; Mischinger, HJ; Schauenstein, E; Schauenstein, K Selective decrease of serum immunoglobulin G1 as marker for early stages of invasive breast cancer.
Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2000; 64(2):193-199
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Lax, SF; Kurman, RJ; Pizer, ES; Wu, L; Ronnett, BM A binary architectural grading system for uterine endometrial endometrioid carcinoma has superior reproducibility compared with FIGO grading and identifies subsets of advance-stage tumors with favorable and unfavorable prognosis.
Am J Surg Pathol. 2000; 24(9):1201-1208
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Pichler, R; Maschek, W; Hatzl-Griesenhofer, M; Huber, H; Wimmer, G; Wahl, G; Fridrik, M Clinical value of FDG PET using coincident gamma cameras in staging and restaging of malignant lymphoma--compared with convenitonal diagnostic methods.
Nuklearmedizin. 2000; 39(6):166-173
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Schoell, WM; Pieber, D; Reich, O; Lahousen, M; Janicek, M; Guecer, F; Winter, R Tumor angiogenesis as a prognostic factor in ovarian carcinoma: quantification of endothelial immunoreactivity by image analysis.
Cancer. 1997; 80(12):2257-2262
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Preidler, KW; Tamussino, K; Szolar, DM; Ranner, G; Ebner, F Staging of cervical carcinomas. Comparison of body-coil magnetic resonance imaging and endorectal surface coil magnetic resonance imaging with histopathologic correlation.
Invest Radiol. 1996; 31(7):458-462
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Rosen, AC; Graf, AH; Klein, M; Lahousen, M; Vavra, N; Reiner, A; Hacker, GW DNA ploidy in primary fallopian-tube carcinoma using image cytometry.
Int J Cancer. 1994; 58(3):362-365
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Burghardt, E; Girardi, F; Lahousen, M; Pickel, H; Tamussino, K Microinvasive carcinoma of the uterine cervix (International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics Stage IA).
Cancer. 1991; 67(4):1037-1045
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Smola, MG; Estelberger, W; Reiter, M; Schauenstein, K; Schauenstein, E Sigma S, a measure of reactive sulfur groups of immunoglobulin G, is a sensitive tumor marker discriminating different stages of breast cancer.
Cancer. 1991; 68(5):1026-1030
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Einspieler, R; Ebner, F; Hofmann, HM; Ranner, G; Tamussino, K; Justich, E Staging of cervix cancer using MRT
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Ralph, G; Tamussino, K; Lichtenegger, W Urological complications after radical hysterectomy with or without radiotherapy for cervical cancer.
Arch Gynecol Obstet. 1990; 248(2):61-65
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Jatzko, G; Klimpfinger, M; Wette, V; Müller, M; Waidmann, F Surgical therapy and results in stomach cancer at an Austrian regional hospital
Z Gastroenterol. 1989; 27(12):708-713
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Steindorfer, P; Pierer, G; Rabl, H; Smola, M Established and new surgical procedures in the therapy of breast cancer
Wien Med Wochenschr. 1985; 135(23-24):584-586
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