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Froehlich, EV; Rinner, B; Deutsch, AJ; Meditz, K; Knausz, H; Troppan, K; Scheipl, S; Wibmer, C; Leithner, A; Liegl, B; Lohberger, B Examination of survivin expression in 50 chordoma specimens--A histological and in vitro study.
J Orthop Res. 2015; 33(5):771-778 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Woltsche, N; Gilg, MM; Fraissler, L; Liegl-Atzwanger, B; Beham, A; Lackner, H; Benesch, M; Leithner, A Is wide resection obsolete for desmoid tumors in children and adolescents? Evaluation of histological margins, immunohistochemical markers, and review of literature.
Pediatr Hematol Oncol. 2015; 32(1):60-69
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Dunzinger, A; Decker, J; Kieberger, A; Weis, S; Pichler, R Unusual loss of FDG uptake in recurrent GIST.
Nuklearmedizin. 2014; 53(4):N35-N37 (- Case Report)



Reindl, O; Loidl, A; Franz, B; Hofer, JF; Pichler, R Pitfall in follow-up imaging of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor by somatostatin receptor PET.
Neuro Endocrinol Lett. 2013; 34(4):273-274 (- Case Report)
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Petricevic, B; Vrbanec, D; Jakic-Razumovic, J; Brcic, I; Rabic, D; Badovinac, T; Ozimec, E; Bali, V Expression of Toll-like receptor 4 and beta 1 integrin in breast cancer.
Med Oncol. 2012; 29(2): 486-494.
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Vlahova, L; Doerflinger, Y; Houben, R; Becker, JC; Schrama, D; Weiss, C; Goebeler, M; Helmbold, P; Goerdt, S; Peitsch, WK P-cadherin expression in Merkel cell carcinomas is associated with prolonged recurrence-free survival.
Br J Dermatol. 2012; 166(5):1043-1052
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Zuriel, D; Fink-Puches, R; Cerroni, L A case of primary cutaneous extranodal natural killer/t-cell lymphoma, nasal type, with a 22-year indolent clinical course.
Am J Dermatopathol. 2012; 34(2):194-197 (- Case Report)
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Leithner, K; Stacher, E; Wurm, R; Ploner, F; Quehenberger, F; Wohlkoenig, C; Bálint, Z; Polachova, J; Olschewski, A; Samonigg, H; Popper, HH; Olschewski, H Nuclear and cytoplasmic death receptor 5 as prognostic factors in patients with non-small cell lung cancer treated with chemotherapy.
Lung Cancer. 2009; 65(1):98-104
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