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Nybo, T; Dieterich, S; Gamon, LF; Chuang, CY; Hammer, A; Hoefler, G; Malle, E; Rogowska-Wrzesinska, A; Davies, MJ Chlorination and oxidation of the extracellular matrix protein laminin and basement membrane extracts by hypochlorous acid and myeloperoxidase.
Redox Biol. 2019; 20:496-513 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Voortman, MM; Pekar, T; Bachmayer, D; Archelos, JJ; Stojakovic, T; Scharnagl, H; Ropele, S; Pichler, A; Enzinger, C; Fuchs, S; Fazekas, F; Seifert-Held, T; Khalil, M Serum netrin-1 in relation to gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging in early multiple sclerosis.
Mult Scler J Exp Transl Clin. 2017; 3(3):2055217317727294-2055217317727294 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Moazedi-Fuerst, FC; Gruber, G; Stradner, MH; Guidolin, D; Jones, JC; Bodo, K; Wagner, K; Peischler, D; Krischan, V; Weber, J; Sadoghi, P; Glehr, M; Leithner, A; Graninger, WB Effect of Laminin-A4 inhibition on cluster formation of human osteoarthritic chondrocytes.
J Orthop Res. 2016; 34(3):419-426 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Degendorfer, G; Chuang, CY; Hammer, A; Malle, E; Davies, MJ Peroxynitrous acid induces structural and functional modifications to basement membranes and its key component, laminin.
Free Radic Biol Med. 2015; 89(48):721-733
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Chuang, CY; Degendorfer, G; Hammer, A; Whitelock, JM; Malle, E; Davies, MJ Oxidation modifies the structure and function of the extracellular matrix generated by human coronary artery endothelial cells.
Biochem J. 2014; 459(2):313-322 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Matthaei, M; Hu, J; Kallay, L; Eberhart, CG; Cursiefen, C; Qian, J; Lackner, EM; Jun, AS Endothelial cell microRNA expression in human late-onset Fuchs' dystrophy.
Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2014; 55(1):216-225 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Rajaraman, G; White, J; Tan, KS; Ulrich, D; Rosamilia, A; Werkmeister, J; Gargett, CE Optimization and scale-up culture of human endometrial multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells: potential for clinical application.
Tissue Eng Part C Methods. 2013; 19(1):80-92 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Lassance, L; Miedl, H; Konya, V; Heinemann, A; Ebner, B; Hackl, H; Desoye, G; Hiden, U Differential response of arterial and venous endothelial cells to extracellular matrix is modulated by oxygen.
Histochem Cell Biol. 2012; 137(5):641-655
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Fischerauer, E; Heidari, N; Neumayer, B; Deutsch, A; Weinberg, AM The spatial and temporal expression of VEGF and its receptors 1 and 2 in post-traumatic bone bridge formation of the growth plate.
J Mol Histol. 2011; 42(6): 513-522.
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Lazar-Karsten, P; Dorn, I; Meyer, G; Lindner, U; Driller, B; Schlenke, P The influence of extracellular matrix proteins and mesenchymal stem cells on erythropoietic cell maturation.
Vox Sang. 2011; 101(1):65-76
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Lindner, U; Kramer, J; Behrends, J; Driller, B; Wendler, NO; Boehrnsen, F; Rohwedel, J; Schlenke, P Improved proliferation and differentiation capacity of human mesenchymal stromal cells cultured with basement-membrane extracellular matrix proteins.
Cytotherapy. 2010; 12(8): 992-1005.
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Krengel, S; Stark, I; Geuchen, C; Knoppe, B; Scheel, G; Schlenke, P; Gebert, A; Wünsch, L; Brinckmann, J; Tronnier, M Selective down-regulation of the alpha6-integrin subunit in melanocytes by UVB light.
Exp Dermatol. 2005; 14(6):411-419
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Vejda, S; Posovszky, C; Zelzer, S; Peter, B; Bayer, E; Gelbmann, D; Schulte-Hermann, R; Gerner, C Plasma from cancer patients featuring a characteristic protein composition mediates protection against apoptosis.
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Neitmann, M; Alexander, M; Brinckmann, J; Schlenke, P; Tronnier, M Attachment and chemotaxis of melanocytes after ultraviolet irradiation in vitro.
Br J Dermatol. 1999; 141(5):794-801
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Dunker, S; Kleinert, R; Faulborn, J Immunohistologic studies of the vitreous humor
OPHTHALMOLOGE. 1998; 95(1): 8-12.
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El-Shabrawi, L; LeBoit, PE Basal cell carcinoma with thickened basement membrane: a variant that resembles some benign adnexal neoplasms.
Am J Dermatopathol. 1997; 19(6): 568-574. (- Case Report)
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Greilberger, J; Schmut, O; Jürgens, G In vitro interactions of oxidatively modified LDL with type I, II, III, IV, and V collagen, laminin, fibronectin, and poly-D-lysine.
Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 1997; 17(11):2721-2728 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Huppertz, B; Kertschanska, S; Frank, HG; Gaus, G; Funayama, H; Kaufmann, P Extracellular matrix components of the placental extravillous trophoblast: immunocytochemistry and ultrastructural distribution.
Histochem Cell Biol. 1996; 106(3):291-301
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Kaufmann, P; Huppertz, B; Frank, HG The fibrinoids of the human placenta: origin, composition and functional relevance.
ANN ANATOMY 1996 178: 485-501.
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Fröhlich, E; Wahl, R; Reutter, K Basal lamina formation by porcine thyroid cells grown in collagen- and laminin-deficient medium.
Histochem J. 1995; 27(8):602-608
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Zeng, L; Worseg, A; Albrecht, G; Ohlinger, W; Redl, H; Grisold, W; Zatloukal, K; Schlag, G Bridging of Peripheral-Nerve Defects with Exogenous Laminin-Fibrin Matrix in Silicone Tubes in a Rat Model
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Frank, HG; Malekzadeh, F; Kertschanska, S; Crescimanno, C; Castellucci, M; Lang, I; Desoye, G; Kaufmann, P Immunohistochemistry of two different types of placental fibrinoid.
ACTA ANAT 1994 150: 55-68.
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Helige, C; Smolle, J; Zellnig, G; Hartmann, E; Fink-Puches, R; Kerl, H; Tritthart, HA Inhibition of K1735-M2 melanoma cell invasion in vitro by retinoic acid.
Clin Exp Metastasis. 1993; 11(5):409-418
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Rabinowich, H; Sedlmayr, P; Herberman, RB; Whiteside, TL Response of human NK cells to IL-6 alterations of the cell surface phenotype, adhesion to fibronectin and laminin, and tumor necrosis factor-alpha/beta secretion.
J Immunol. 1993; 150(11): 4844-4855.
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Beham, A; Schmid, C; Hödl, S; Fletcher, CD Spindle cell and pleomorphic lipoma: an immunohistochemical study and histogenetic analysis.
J PATHOL. 1989; 158(3): 219-222.
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Beham, A; Wirnsberger, G; Schmid, C Immunohistochemical studies in the differential diagnosis of malignant fibrous histiocytoma
WIEN KLIN WOCHENSCHR. 1986; 98(18): 617-622.
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Radda, TM; Aberer, W; Klemen, UM Immunofluorescence studies of the human trabecular meshwork
Klin Monatsbl Augenheilkd. 1983; 182(2): 141-142.
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