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Zaloga, J; Pöttler, M; Leitinger, G; Friedrich, RP; Almer, G; Lyer, S; Baum, E; Tietze, R; Heimke-Brinck, R; Mangge, H; Dörje, F; Lee, G; Alexiou, C Pharmaceutical formulation of HSA hybrid coated iron oxide nanoparticles for magnetic drug targeting.
Eur J Pharm Biopharm. 2016; 101(3):152-162
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Beer, L; Zimmermann, M; Mitterbauer, A; Ellinger, A; Gruber, F; Narzt, MS; Zellner, M; Gyöngyösi, M; Madlener, S; Simader, E; Gabriel, C; Mildner, M; Ankersmit, HJ Analysis of the Secretome of Apoptotic Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells: Impact of Released Proteins and Exosomes for Tissue Regeneration.
Sci Rep. 2015; 5(44):16662-16662 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Oberbauer, E; Steffenhagen, C; Wurzer, C; Gabriel, C; Redl, H; Wolbank, S Enzymatic and non-enzymatic isolation systems for adipose tissue-derived cells: current state of the art.
Cell Regen (Lond). 2015; 4(12):7-7 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Pearce, KF; Hildebrandt, M; Greinix, H; Scheding, S; Koehl, U; Worel, N; Apperley, J; Edinger, M; Hauser, A; Mischak-Weissinger, E; Dickinson, AM; Lowdell, MW Regulation of advanced therapy medicinal products in Europe and the role of academia.
Cytotherapy. 2014; 16(3): 289-297. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Rajaraman, G; White, J; Tan, KS; Ulrich, D; Rosamilia, A; Werkmeister, J; Gargett, CE Optimization and scale-up culture of human endometrial multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells: potential for clinical application.
Tissue Eng Part C Methods. 2013; 19(1):80-92 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Schafer, R; Dominici, M; Muller, I; Horwitz, E; Asahara, T; Bulte, JWM; Bieback, K; Le Blanc, K; Buhring, HJ; Capogrossi, MC; Dazzi, F; Gorodetsky, R; Henschler, R; Handgretinger, R; Kajstura, J; Kluger, PJ; Lange, C; von Luettichau, I; Mertsching, H; Schrezenmeier, H; Sievert, KD; Strunk, D; Verfaillie, C; Northoff, H Basic research and clinical applications of non-hematopoietic stem cells, 4-5 April 2008, Tubingen, Germany.
CYTOTHERAPY. 2009; 11(2): 245-255.
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Schallmoser, K; Rohde, E; Bartmann, C; Obenauf, AC; Reinisch, A; Strunk, D Platelet-derived growth factors for GMP-compliant propagation of mesenchymal stromal cells.
Biomed Mater Eng. 2009; 19(4-5): 271-276.
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Bieback, K; Schallmoser, K; Klutera, H; Strunk, D Clinical Protocols for the isolation and expansion of mesenchymal stromal cells
TRANSFUS MED HEMOTHER. 2008; 35(4): 286-294. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Reinisch, A; Bartmann, C; Rohde, E; Schallmoser, K; Bjelic-Radisic, V; Lanzer, G; Linkesch, W; Strunk, D Humanized system to propagate cord blood-derived multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells for clinical application.
Regen Med. 2007; 2(4):371-382 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Alexandrova, K; Griesel, C; Barthold, M; Heuft, HG; Ott, M; Winkler, M; Schrem, H; Manns, MP; Bredehorn, T; Net, M; Vidal, MM; Kafert-Kasting, S; Arseniev, L Large-scale isolation of human hepatocytes for therapeutic application.
Cell Transplant. 2005; 14(10): 845-853.
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Strunk, D; Rohde, E; Lanzer, G; Linkesch, W Phenotypic characterization and preclinical production of human lineage-negative cells for regenerative stem cell therapy.
TRANSFUSION. 2005; 45: 315-326.
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Cassens, U; Ahlke, C; Garritsen, H; Krakowitzky, P; Wüllenweber, J; Fischer, RJ; Peters, G; Sibrowski, W Processing of peripheral blood progenitor cell components in improved clean areas does not reduce the rate of microbial contamination.
Transfusion. 2002; 42(1): 10-17.
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Gabriel, C Criteria of good manufacturing practice conforming electronic data processing].
Beitr Infusionsther Transfusionsmed. 1996; 33(9000):257-264


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