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Lackner, A; Freudenschuss, K; Buzina, W; Stammberger, H; Panzitt, T; Schosteritsch, S; Braun, H From when on can fungi be identified in nasal mucus of humans?
LARYNGO RHINO OTOL. 2004; 83(2): 117-121. Doi: 10.1055/s-2004-814208
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Reinthaler, FF; Haas, D; Feierl, G; Schlacher, R; Pichler-Semmelrock, FP; Köck, M; Wüst, G; Feenstra, O; Marth, E Comparative investigations of airborne culturable microorganisms in selected waste treatment facilities and in neighbouring residential areas.
ZBL HYG UMWELTMED 1999 202: 1-17. Doi: 10.1016/S0934-8859(99)80046-7
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Wüst, G; Reinthaler, FF; Haas, D; Marth, E Comparative studies of airborne, cultivatable microorganisms at selected sites of waste managements, domestic animal husbandry and in the surrounding residential area
Schriftenr Ver Wasser Boden Lufthyg. 1999; 104(1-2): 703-711.


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