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Lam, JS; Klatte, T; Patard, JJ; Goel, RH; Guillè, F; Lobel, B; Abbou, CC; De La Taille, A; Tostain, J; Cindolo, L; Altieri, V; Ficarra, V; Artibani, W; Prayer-Galetti, T; Schips, L; Zigeuner, R; Pantuck, AJ; Figlin, RA; Belldegrun, AS Prognostic relevance of tumour size in T3a renal cell carcinoma: a multicentre experience.
EUR UROL. 2007; 52(1): 155-162.
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Peloschek, P; Bögl, K; Robinson, S; Böhm, P; Lomoschitz, F; Graninger, W; Kainberger, F Computer-assisted radiologic quantification of hand and foot changes in rheumatoid arthritis
Wien Med Wochenschr Suppl. 2002; 62(113): 37-38.
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Breier, F; Khanakah, G; Stanek, G; Kunz, G; Aberer, E; Schmidt, B; Tappeiner, G Isolation and polymerase chain reaction typing of Borrelia afzelii from a skin lesion in a seronegative patient with generalized ulcerating bullous lichen sclerosus et atrophicus.
Br J Dermatol. 2001; 144(2):387-392 (- Case Report)
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Dorotka, R; Windhager, R; Kotz, R Periprosthetic femoral fractures in total hip prosthesis implantation.Functional and radiological comparison between plate osteosynthesis and proximal femur replacement
Z Orthop Ihre Grenzgeb. 2000; 138(5):440-446
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Lax, SF; Kurman, RJ; Pizer, ES; Wu, L; Ronnett, BM A binary architectural grading system for uterine endometrial endometrioid carcinoma has superior reproducibility compared with FIGO grading and identifies subsets of advance-stage tumors with favorable and unfavorable prognosis.
Am J Surg Pathol. 2000; 24(9):1201-1208
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Pohlemann, T; Tscherne, H; Baumgärtel, F; Egbers, HJ; Euler, E; Maurer, F; Fell, M; Mayr, E; Quirini, WW; Schlickewei, W; Weinberg, A Pelvic fractures: epidemiology, therapy and long-term outcome. Overview of the multicenter study of the Pelvis Study Group
Unfallchirurg. 1996; 99(3):160-167
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Rzesacz, EH; Weinberg, AM; Reilmann, H Covered osteosynthesis through cannulated screws in medial Garden type I and II femoral neck fractures
Unfallchirurg. 1995; 98(9):478-482
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