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Lienhart, AM; Kramer, D; Jauk, S; Gugatschka, M; Leodolter, W; Schlegl, T Multivariable Risk Prediction of Dysphagia in Hospitalized Patients Using Machine Learning.
Stud Health Technol Inform. 2020; 271: 31-38.
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Einspieler, C; Bos, AF; Krieber-Tomantschger, M; Alvarado, E; Barbosa, VM; Bertoncelli, N; Burger, M; Chorna, O; Del Secco, S; DeRegnier, RA; Hüning, B; Ko, J; Lucaccioni, L; Maeda, T; Marchi, V; Martín, E; Morgan, C; Mutlu, A; Nogolová, A; Pansy, J; Peyton, C; Pokorny, FB; Prinsloo, LR; Ricci, E; Saini, L; Scheuchenegger, A; Silva, CRD; Soloveichick, M; Spittle, AJ; Toldo, M; Utsch, F; van Zyl, J; Viñals, C; Wang, J; Yang, H; Yardımcı-Lokmanoğlu, BN; Cioni, G; Ferrari, F; Guzzetta, A; Marschik, PB Cerebral Palsy: Early Markers of Clinical Phenotype and Functional Outcome.
J Clin Med. 2019; 8(10): [OPEN ACCESS]
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Zhang, D; Krieber-Tomantschger, I; Poustka, L; Roeyers, H; Sigafoos, J; Bölte, S; Marschik, PB; Einspieler, C Identifying Atypical Development: A Role of Day-Care Workers?
J Autism Dev Disord. 2019; 49(9):3685-3694 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Zhang, D; Roche, L; Bartl-Pokorny, KD; Krieber, M; McLay, L; Bölte, S; Poustka, L; Sigafoos, J; Gugatschka, M; Einspieler, C; Marschik, PB Response to name and its value for the early detection of developmental disorders: Insights from autism spectrum disorder, Rett syndrome, and fragile X syndrome. A perspectives paper.
Res Dev Disabil. 2018; 82(6):95-108 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Alduk, AM; Brcic, I; Podolski, P; Prutki, M Correlation of MRI features and pathohistological prognostic factors in invasive ductal breast carcinoma.
Acta Clin Belg. 2017; 72(5):306-312
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Kramer, D; Veeranki, S; Hayn, D; Quehenberger, F; Leodolter, W; Jagsch, C; Schreier, G Development and Validation of a Multivariable Prediction Model for the Occurrence of Delirium in Hospitalized Gerontopsychiatry and Internal Medicine Patients.
Stud Health Technol Inform. 2017; 236(18):32-39



Einspieler, C; Bos, AF; Libertus, ME; Marschik, PB The General Movement Assessment Helps Us to Identify Preterm Infants at Risk for Cognitive Dysfunction.
Front Psychol. 2016; 7(5):406-406 [OPEN ACCESS]
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van Riel, P; Alten, R; Combe, B; Abdulganieva, D; Bousquet, P; Courtenay, M; Curiale, C; Gómez-Centeno, A; Haugeberg, G; Leeb, B; Puolakka, K; Ravelli, A; Rintelen, B; Sarzi-Puttini, P Improving inflammatory arthritis management through tighter monitoring of patients and the use of innovative electronic tools.
RMD Open. 2016; 2(2):e000302-e000302 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Zang, FF; Yang, H; Han, Q; Cao, JY; Tomantschger, I; Krieber, M; Shi, W; Luo, DD; Zhu, M; Einspieler, C Very low birth weight infants in China: the predictive value of the motor repertoire at 3 to 5months for the motor performance at 12months.
Early Hum Dev. 2016; 100(3):27-32 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Rocca, MA; Amato, MP; De Stefano, N; Enzinger, C; Geurts, JJ; Penner, IK; Rovira, A; Sumowski, JF; Valsasina, P; Filippi, M; MAGNIMS Study Group Clinical and imaging assessment of cognitive dysfunction in multiple sclerosis.
Lancet Neurol. 2015; 14(3):302-317
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Jalan, R; Fernandez, J; Wiest, R; Schnabl, B; Moreau, R; Angeli, P; Stadlbauer, V; Gustot, T; Bernardi, M; Canton, R; Albillos, A; Lammert, F; Wilmer, A; Mookerjee, R; Vila, J; Garcia-Martinez, R; Wendon, J; Such, J; Cordoba, J; Sanyal, A; Garcia-Tsao, G; Arroyo, V; Burroughs, A; Ginès, P Bacterial infections in cirrhosis: a position statement based on the EASL Special Conference 2013.
J Hepatol. 2014; 60(6):1310-1324 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Bölte, S; Marschik, PB; Falck-Ytter, T; Charman, T; Roeyers, H; Elsabbagh, M Infants at risk for autism: a European perspective on current status, challenges and opportunities.
Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 2013; 22(6):341-348 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Brenner, T; Fleming, TH; Spranz, D; Schemmer, P; Bruckner, T; Uhle, F; Martin, EO; Weigand, MA; Hofer, S Reactive Metabolites and AGE-RAGE-Mediated Inflammation in Patients following Liver Transplantation
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Rayment, C; Hjermstad, MJ; Aass, N; Kaasa, S; Caraceni, A; Strasser, F; Heitzer, E; Fainsinger, R; Bennett, MI; European Palliative Care Research Collaborative (EPCRC) Neuropathic cancer pain: prevalence, severity, analgesics and impact from the European Palliative Care Research Collaborative-Computerised Symptom Assessment study.
Palliat Med. 2013; 27(8):714-721
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Brenner, T; Rosenhagen, C; Brandt, H; Schmitt, FC; Jung, GE; Schemmer, P; Schmidt, J; Mieth, M; Bruckner, T; Lichtenstern, C; Martin, EO; Weigand, MA; Hofer, S Cell death biomarkers as early predictors for hepatic dysfunction in patients after orthotopic liver transplantation.
Transplantation. 2012; 94(2):185-191
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Marschik, PB; Einspieler, C; Sigafoos, J Contributing to the early detection of Rett syndrome: the potential role of auditory Gestalt perception.
Res Dev Disabil. 2012; 33(2):461-466 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Schwingenschuh, P; Katschnig, P; Saurugg, R; Ott, E; Bhatia, KP Artistic profession: A potential risk factor for dopamine dysregulation syndrome in Parkinson's disease?
Mov Disord. 2010; 25(4): 493-496.
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Schweiger, MR; Kerick, M; Timmermann, B; Albrecht, MW; Borodina, T; Parkhomchuk, D; Zatloukal, K; Lehrach, H Genome-wide massively parallel sequencing of formaldehyde fixed-paraffin embedded (FFPE) tumor tissues for copy-number- and mutation-analysis.
PLoS One. 2009; 4(5): e5548-e5548. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Kolundzić, R; Smerdelj, M; Bergovac, M; Orlić, D Emergencies by tumors of locomotors systems in child and adults].
Lijec Vjesn. 2006; 127(7-8):202-206 (- Case Report)



Bammer, R; Fazekas, F Diffusion imaging of the human spinal cord and the vertebral column.
Top Magn Reson Imaging. 2003; 14(6): 461-476.
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Guzzetta, A; Mercuri, E; Rapisardi, G; Ferrari, F; Roversi, MF; Cowan, F; Rutherford, M; Paolicelli, PB; Einspieler, C; Boldrini, A; Dubowitz, L; Prechtl, HF; Cioni, G General movements detect early signs of hemiplegia in term infants with neonatal cerebral infarction.
Neuropediatrics. 2003; 34(2):61-66
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