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Fabian, E; Grochenig, HP; Bauer, PK; Eherer, AJ; Gugatschka, M; Binder, L; Langner, C; Fickert, P; Krejs, GJ Clinical-Pathological Conference Series from the Medical University of Graz Case No 171: A 37-year-old engineer with bolus hold-up (esophageal food impaction)
WIEN KLIN WOCHENSCHR. 2020; (- Case Report)
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Radivojev, S; Pinto, JT; Frohlich, E; Paudel, A Insights into DPI sensitivity to humidity: An integrated in-vitro-in-silico risk-assessment
J DRUG DELIV SCI TEC. 2019; 52: 803-817.
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Zellnitz, S; Zellnitz, L; Müller, MT; Meindl, C; Schröttner, H; Fröhlich, E Impact of drug particle shape on permeability and cellular uptake in the lung.
EUR J PHARM SCI. 2019; 139: 105065-105065.
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Salar-Behzadi, S; Wu, S; Mercuri, A; Meindl, C; Stranzinger, S; Fröhlich, E Effect of the pulmonary deposition and in vitro permeability on the prediction of plasma levels of inhaled budesonide formulation.
Int J Pharm. 2017; 532(1):337-344
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Meindl, C; Stranzinger, S; Dzidic, N; Salar-Behzadi, S; Mohr, S; Zimmer, A; Fröhlich, E Permeation of Therapeutic Drugs in Different Formulations across the Airway Epithelium In Vitro.
PLoS One. 2015; 10(8):e0135690-e0135690 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Münch, A; Langner, C Microscopic colitis: clinical and pathologic perspectives.
Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2015; 13(2):228-236
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Dejaco, C; Haas, T; Kirchgatterer, A; Miehsler, W; Wenzl, H; Knoflach, P; Petritsch, W; Vogelsang, H; Reinisch, W; Tilg, H Aminosalicylates and steroids in the treatment ot chronic inflammatory bowel diseases--consensus paper of the Working Group for Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases of the OGGH.
Z GASTROENTEROL. 2006; 44(6): 525-538.
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Hofmann, T; Gugatschga, M; Koidl, B; Wolf, G Influence of preservatives and topical steroids on ciliary beat frequency in vitro.
Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2004; 130(4):440-445 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Aberer, W; Komericki, P; Uter, W; Hausen, BM; Lessmann, H; Kränke, B; Geier, J; Schnuch, A Epidemiologic surveillance of contact allergens. The monitoring series of IVDK (Information Network ofDermatologic Clinics for Detection and Scientific Evaluation of Contact Allergy
Hautarzt. 2003; 54(8):741-749
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Hofmann, T; Wolf, G; Koidl, B Effect of topical corticosteroids and topical antihistaminics on ciliary epithelium of human nasal mucosa in vitro.
HNO. 1998; 46(2):146-151
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