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Eglseer, D; Halfens, RJG; Lohrmann, C Use of an electronic malnutrition screening tool in a hospital setting: effects on knowledge, attitudes and perceived practices of healthcare staff.
Br J Nutr. 2018; 120(2):150-157 Doi: 10.1017/S0007114518001447 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Koné, I; Klein, G; Siebenhofer, A; Dahlhaus, A; Güthlin, C GPs' assessment of cooperation with other health care providers involved in cancer care-a cross-sectional study.
Eur J Cancer Care (Engl). 2018; 27(1): Doi: 10.1111/ecc.12751 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Engler, J; Kone, I; Holmberg, C; Baumann, W; Siebenhofer, A; Güthlin, C Oncologists' views on the importance of general practitioners for cancer patients: a qualitative interview study from Germany.
Fam Pract. 2017; 34(6):730-734 Doi: 10.1093/fampra/cmx044 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Poggenburg, S; Reinisch, M; Höfler, R; Stigler, F; Avian, A; Siebenhofer, A General practitioners in Styria - who is willing to take part in research projects and why? : A survey by the Institute of General Practice and Health Services Research.
Wien Klin Wochenschr. 2017; 129(21-22):823-834 Doi: 10.1007/s00508-017-1244-5 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Forsea, AM; Tschandl, P; Del Marmol, V; Zalaudek, I; Soyer, HP; Eurodermoscopy Working Group; Geller, AC; Argenziano, G Factors driving the use of dermoscopy in Europe: a pan-European survey.
Br J Dermatol. 2016; 175(6):1329-1337 Doi: 10.1111/bjd.14895
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Strzelczyk, A; Zschebek, G; Bauer, S; Baumgartner, C; Grond, M; Hermsen, A; Kieslich, M; Krämer, G; Kurlemann, G; May, TW; Mayer, T; Neubauer, BA; Pfäfflin, M; Plecko, B; Ryvlin, P; Schubert-Bast, S; Stefan, H; Trinka, E; Knake, S; Seifart, C; Rosenow, F Predictors of and attitudes toward counseling about SUDEP and other epilepsy risk factors among Austrian, German, and Swiss neurologists and neuropediatricians.
Epilepsia. 2016; 57(4): 612-620. Doi: 10.1111/epi.13337 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Zani, A; Eaton, S; Puri, P; Rintala, R; Lukac, M; Bagolan, P; Kuebler, JF; Friedmacher, F; Hoellwarth, ME; Wijnen, R; Tovar, JA; Pierro, A; EUPSA Network Office International Survey on the Management of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.
Eur J Pediatr Surg. 2016; 26(1):38-46 Doi: 10.1055/s-0035-1564713 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Bauer, S; Halfens, RJ; Lohrmann, C Knowledge and Attitudes of Nursing Staff Towards Malnutrition Care in Nursing Homes: A Multicentre Cross-Sectional Study.
J Nutr Health Aging. 2015; 19(7):734-740 Doi: 10.1007/s12603-015-0535-7
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Dahlhaus, A; Siebenhofer, A; Guethlin, C Complementary medicine for cancer patients in general practice: qualitative interviews with german general practitioners.
Forsch Komplementmed. 2015; 22(1): 36-41. Doi: 10.1159/000375182
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Hadjipanayis, A; Grossman, Z; Del Torso, S; van Esso, D; Dornbusch, HJ; Mazur, A; Drabik, A; Montini, G Current primary care management of children aged 1-36 months with urinary tract infections in Europe: large scale survey of paediatric practice.
Arch Dis Child. 2015; 100(4): 341-347. Doi: 10.1136/archdischild-2014-306119
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Sohar, B; Großschädl, F; Meier, IM; Stronegger, WJ [Effects of care experience to the attitude of active euthanasia among the Austrian population–a cross sectional study].
Pflege. 2015; 28(6):339-345 Doi: 10.1024/1012-5302/a000459
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Thomas, MN; Nadalin, S; Schemmer, P; Pascher, A; Kaiser, GM; Braun, F; Becker, T; Nashan, B; Guba, M; CAT (Chirurgische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Transplantation der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Allgemein- und Viszeralchirurgie) A German survey of the abdominal transplantation surgical work force.
Transpl Int. 2015; 28(7):849-856 Doi: 10.1111/tri.12556 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Dahlhaus, A; Vanneman, N; Guethlin, C; Behrend, J; Siebenhofer, A German general practitioners' views on their involvement and role in cancer care: a qualitative study.
Fam Pract. 2014; 31(2):209-214 Doi: 10.1093/fampra/cmt088 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Elsner, P; Aberer, W; Bauer, A; Diepgen, TL; Drexler, H; Fartasch, M; John, SM; Schuhmacher-Stock, U; Wehrmann, W; Weisshaar, E Cooperation between the occupational health insurance and physicians practicing occupational dermatology: optimization potential in quality assurance.
J Dtsch Dermatol Ges. 2014; 12(5): 408-414. Doi: 10.1111/ddg.12348
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Glehr, M; Kaltenbach, A; Glehr, R; Sadoghi, P; Leithner, A; Gruber, G; Szkandera, J; Ludt, S; Vielgut, I; Glehr, R; Wensing, M Physician awareness of knee and hip pain in the context of coronary heart disease treatment.
ScientificWorldJournal. 2014; 2014(4):494801-494801 Doi: 10.1155/2014/494801 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Goldnagl, L; Freidl, W; Stronegger, WJ Attitudes among the general Austrian population towards neonatal euthanasia: a survey.
BMC Med Ethics. 2014; 15(10): 74-74. Doi: 10.1186/1472-6939-15-74 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Guethlin, C; Siebenhofer, A [General practitioners' perspectives on the planned screening programme for colon cancer--a general opinion].
Gesundheitswesen. 2014; 76(4):219-220 Doi: 10.1055/s-0034-1367028
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Mileder, L; Wegscheider, T; Dimai, HP Teaching first-year medical students in basic clinical and procedural skills--a novel course concept at a medical school in Austria.
GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2014; 31(1):Doc6-Doc6 Doi: 10.3205/zma000898 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Sorantin, E Pathways and barriers to developing pediatric research consortia.
Pediatr Radiol. 2014; 44(10):1213-1217 Doi: 10.1007/s00247-014-3055-4
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Zettel, G; Horvath, A; Vorobyeva, E; Auburger, C; Zink, M; Stiegler, P; Stadlbauer, V What ICU nurses in different Austrian hospitals know and think about the Austrian organ donation law.
BMC Med Ethics. 2014; 15(6):46-46 Doi: 10.1186/1472-6939-15-46 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Apalla, Z; Lallas, A; Argenziano, G; Ricci, C; Piana, S; Moscarella, E; Longo, C; Zalaudek, I The light and the dark of dermatoscopy in the early diagnosis of melanoma: facts and controversies.
Clin Dermatol. 2013; 31(6):671-676 Doi: 10.1016/j.clindermatol.2013.05.003
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Braun, RP; Thomas, L; Dusza, SW; Gaide, O; Menzies, S; Dalle, S; Blum, A; Argenziano, G; Zalaudek, I; Kopf, A; Rabinovitz, H; Oliviero, M; Perrinaud, A; Cabo, H; Pizzichetta, M; Pozo, L; Langford, D; Tanaka, M; Saida, T; Perusquia Ortiz, AM; Kreusch, J; De Giorgi, V; Piccolo, D; Grichnik, JM; Kittler, H; Puig, S; Malvehy, J; Seidenari, S; Stanganelli, I; French, L; Marghoob, AA Dermoscopy of acral melanoma: a multicenter study on behalf of the international dermoscopy society.
Dermatology. 2013; 227(4):373-380 Doi: 10.1159/000356178 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Zani, A; Ruttenstock, E; Davenport, M; Ade-Ajayi, N Is there Unity in Europe? First Survey of EUPSA Delegates on the Management of Gastroschisis.
Eur J Pediatr Surg. 2013; 23(1):19-24 Doi: 10.1055/s-0032-1326954 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Argenziano, G; Albertini, G; Castagnetti, F; De Pace, B; Di Lernia, V; Longo, C; Pellacani, G; Piana, S; Ricci, C; Zalaudek, I Early diagnosis of melanoma: what is the impact of dermoscopy?
Dermatol Ther. 2012; 25(5):403-409 Doi: 10.1111/j.1529-8019.2012.01482.x
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Dejaco, C; Duftner, C; Schirmer, M Expectations of rheumatologists on imaging results.
Radiologe. 2012; 52(2):110-115 Doi: 10.1007/s00117-011-2231-x
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Frühauf, J; Schwantzer, G; Ambros-Rudolph, CM; Weger, W; Ahlgrimm-Siess, V; Salmhofer, W; Hofmann-Wellenhof, R Pilot study on the acceptance of mobile teledermatology for the home monitoring of high-need patients with psoriasis.
Australas J Dermatol. 2012; 53(1):41-46 Doi: 10.1111/j.1440-0960.2011.00852.x
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Schippinger, W; Hartinger, G; Hierzer, A; Osprian, I; Bohnstingl, M; Pilgram, EH Mobile geriatric consultant services for rest homes. Study of the effects of consultations by internal medicine specialists in the medical care of rest home residents].
Z Gerontol Geriatr. 2012; 45(8):735-741 Doi: 10.1007/s00391-012-0395-2
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Esslinger, AS; Meier, F; Roller-Wirnsberger, RE; Heppner, HJ Attitudes towards age-related rationing of medical supply: results of a cross-national analysis in Germany and Austria].
WIEN KLIN WOCHENSCHR. 2011; 123(13-14): 422-431. Doi: 10.1007/s00508-011-0001-4
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Haraoui, B; Smolen, JS; Aletaha, D; Breedveld, FC; Burmester, G; Codreanu, C; Da Silva, JP; de Wit, M; Dougados, M; Durez, P; Emery, P; Fonseca, JE; Gibofsky, A; Gomez-Reino, J; Graninger, W; Hamuryudan, V; Jannaut Peña, MJ; Kalden, J; Kvien, TK; Laurindo, I; Martin-Mola, E; Montecucco, C; Santos Moreno, P; Pavelka, K; Poor, G; Cardiel, MH; Stanislawska-Biernat, E; Takeuchi, T; van der Heijde, D; Treat to Target Taskforce Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis to Target: multinational recommendations assessment questionnaire.
Ann Rheum Dis. 2011; 70(11):1999-2002 Doi: 10.1136/ard.2011.154179 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Stronegger, WJ; Schmölzer, C; Rásky, E; Freidl, W Changing attitudes towards euthanasia among medical students in Austria.
J Med Ethics. 2011; 37(4): 227-229. Doi: 10.1136/jme.2010.039792
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Kovacs, G; Olschewski, H Should Patients With Connective Tissue Disease Undergo Exercise Doppler Echocardiography? Response.
CHEST. 2010; 138(6): 1524-1525. Doi: 10.1378/chest.10-1740 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Sprenger, M; Baumgartner, J; Moser, A; Salzer, HJ; Stigler, FL; Wendler, M Students' and general practitioners' perceptions of a recently introduced clerkship in general practice. A survey from Austria.
Eur J Gen Pract. 2010; 16(3):148-150 Doi: 10.3109/13814788.2010.495404 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Cerwenka, H; Bacher, H; Werkgartner, G; Mischinger, HJ Working conditions and trainee shortage in operative disciplines--is our profession ready for the next decade?
Langenbecks Arch Surg. 2009; 394(1): 179-183. Doi: 10.1007/s00423-008-0356-9
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Dorner, T; Lawrence, K; Rebhandl, E; Weichselbaum, E; Rieder, A Opinions and attitudes concerning osteoporosis among Austrian general practitioners.
Wien Med Wochenschr. 2009; 159(9-10): 247-252. Doi: 10.1007/s10354-009-0648-x
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Giupponi, G; Hensel, S; Müller, P; Soelva, M; Schweigkofler, H; Steiner, E; Pycha, R; Möller-Leimkühler, AM The patient's satisfaction in relation with the treatment in hospital psychiatry: a comparison between Italy and Germany].
Fortschr Neurol Psychiatr. 2009; 77(6):346-352 Doi: 10.1055/s-0028-1109461
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Schulz, S; Daumke, P; Fischer, P; Müller, M; Müller, ML Evaluation of a document search engine in a clinical department system.
AMIA Annu Symp Proc. 2008; 181(1):647-651 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Uranues, S; Lamont, E Acute care surgery: the European model.
World J Surg. 2008; 32(8): 1605-1612. Doi: 10.1007/s00268-008-9501-4
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Fazekas, C; Stelzig, M; Moser, G; Matzer, F; Schüssler, G; Harnoncourt, K; Pieringer, W Austrian Network for Psychosomatic Medicine: background, development and participation
Z Psychosom Med Psychother. 2007; 53(4): 397-403. Doi: 10.13109/zptm.2007.53.4.397 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Bielitz, H; Hertel, F; Lohrmann, C Attitude to urinary incontinence in women--a review of the literature: understanding different points of view].
Pflege Z. 2006; 59(10):630-634


Eichhorn, J; Dietze, G; Lohrmann, C Literature analysis: how do nurses perceive the needs of patients?].
Pflege Z. 2006; 59(1):15-17


Swoboda, H; Sibitz, I; Frühwald, S; Klug, G; Bauer, B; Priebe, S [How do community-based mental health staff in Austria perceive their job? -- a qualitative study].
Psychiatr Prax. 2006; 33(2): 67-73. Doi: 10.1055/s-2004-834674
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Arraras, JI; Wright, S; Greimel, E; Holzner, B; Kuljanic-Vlasic, K; Velikova, G; Eisemann, M; Visser, A; EORTC Quality of Life Group Development of a questionnaire to evaluate the information needs of cancer patients: the EORTC questionnaire.
Patient Educ Couns. 2004; 54(2):235-241 Doi: 10.1016/S0738-3991(03)00240-4
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Nickel, M; Nickel, C; Mitterlehner, F; Rother, W; Summ, A; Leiberich, P; Tritt, K; Loew, T; Joraschky, P Student opinion on psychosomatic education in Germany.
Med Educ. 2004; 38(9):1016-1016 Doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2929.2004.01937.x
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Lohrmann, C; Välimäki, M; Suominen, T; Muinonen, U; Dassen, T; Peate, I German nursing students' knowledge of and attitudes to HIV and AIDS: two decades after the first AIDS cases.
J Adv Nurs. 2000; 31(3):696-703 Doi: 10.1046/j.1365-2648.2000.01326.x
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Bonelli, RM; Bonelli, J; Költringer, P; Kotter, M; Kenner, L Psychiatrists' attitudes to euthanasia.
Lancet. 1999; 353(9148):243-244 Doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(05)77260-3
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Rásky, E; Freidl, W; Haidvogl, M; Stronegger, WJ Work and life style of homeopathic physicians in Austria. A descriptive study
Wien Med Wochenschr. 1994; 144(17): 419-424.



Kenner, T Value of life in medicine
WIEN MED WOCHENSCHR. 1986; 136(14): 345-350.
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