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Chalmers, PN; Trombley, R; Cip, J; Monson, B; Forsythe, B; Nicholson, GP; Bush-Joseph, CA; Cole, BJ; Wimmer, MA; Romeo, AA; Verma, NN Postoperative restoration of upper extremity motion and neuromuscular control during the overhand pitch: evaluation of tenodesis and repair for superior labral anterior-posterior tears.
Am J Sports Med. 2014; 42(12): 2825-2836.
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Svehlik, M; Kraus, T; Steinwender, G; Zwick, EB; Saraph, V; Linhart, WE; The Baumann procedure to correct equinus gait in children with diplegic cerebral palsy Long-term results.
J Bone Joint Surg Br. 2012; 94(8):1143-1147
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Hafner, F; Seinost, G; Gary, T; Tomka, M; Szolar, D; Brodmann, M Axillary vein compression by Langer's axillary arch, an aberrant muscle bundle of the latissimus dorsi.
Cardiovasc Pathol. 2009; 19(3): e89-e90. (- Case Report)
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Pichler, W; Tesch, NP; Clement, H; Grechenig, S; Grechenig, W The dorsal approach to the radiocarpal joint: an anatomic variant and its clinical implications
Z Orthop Unfall. 2009; 147(3): 372-373. (- Case Report) [OPEN ACCESS]
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Svehlik, M; Slaby, K; Soumar, L; Smetana, P; Kobesova, A; Trc, T Evolution of walking ability after soft tissue surgery in cerebral palsy patients: what can we expect?
J Pediatr Orthop B. 2008; 17(3): 107-113.
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Wolf, G; Aigner, RM; Schwarz, T Pathologic uptake in F-18 FDG positron emission tomography of the residuals of a surgically removed needle abscess.
Clin Nucl Med. 2002; 27(6):439-440 (- Case Report)
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Zwick, EB; Saraph, V; Zwick, G; Steinwender, C; Linhart, WE; Steinwender, G Medial hamstring lengthening in the presence of hip flexor tightness in spastic diplegia.
Gait Posture. 2002; 16(3):288-296
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Steinwender, G; Saraph, V; Zwick, EB; Uitz, C; Linhart, W Fixed and dynamic equinus in cerebral palsy: evaluation of ankle function after multilevel surgery.
J PEDIAT ORTHOPED. 2001; 21(1): 102-107.
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