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Kofler, H; Aberer, W; Deibl, M; Hawranek, T; Klein, G; Reider, N; Fellner, N.
Diamine oxidase (DAO) serum activity: not a useful marker for diagnosis of histamine intolerance
ALLERGOLOGIE. 2009; 32(3): 105-109.
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Authors Med Uni Graz:
Aberer Werner

Although exact numbers on the prevalence of histamine intolerance are lacking, it seems to be on a rise during the last years. The estimated prevalence in the population is 3%. This is particularly true for middle-aged female patients. A deficiency of I of the histamine metabolizing enzymes, diamine oxidase (DAO) has been postulated as the main causal factor. Recently, a commercial radioimmunoassay for determination of DAO activity has been launched. To evaluate the clinical impact of this assay for the diagnosis of histamine intolerance, we performed a prospective, multicentre study in 207 adult patients. In 77 patients, a diagnosis of histamine intolerance was made based on clinical criteria, in 67 a diagnosis "in question", and 61 healthy patients without anamnestic evidence for histamine intolerance served as a control. Interestingly, no correlation between diamine oxidase serum levels and clinical status could be found in any of the 3 groups. We, therefore, recommend further investigations, before determination of DAO serum activity should be used as a screening tool for the diagnosis of histamine intolerance.

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