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Heidinger, A; Rabensteiner, DF; Rabensteiner, J; Kieslinger, P; Horwath-Winter, J; Stabentheiner, E; Riedl, R; Wedrich, A; Schmut, O.
Decreased viability and proliferation of CHANG conjunctival epithelial cells after contact with ultraviolet light-irradiated pollen.
Cutan Ocul Toxicol. 2018; 37(3):210-217
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Authors Med Uni Graz:
Heidinger Andrea
Horwath-Winter Jutta
Kieslinger Petra
Rabensteiner Dieter
Rabensteiner Jasmin
Riedl Regina
Schmut Otto
Wedrich Andreas

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Contact with pollen is the major reason for the development of allergic symptoms on the ocular surface leading to a significant increase of allergic diseases worldwide. Environmental changes such as increased ultraviolet (UV) radiation and air pollution are discussed as contributory causes for this increase. We investigated the effect of UV light on the histamine content of pollen and examined if an irradiation of pollen affects the viability and proliferation of conjunctival cells. Alder (Alnus glutinosa) and hazel (Corylus avellana) pollen were irradiated for different time periods with sunlight, UV-A or UV-B light and the histamine content was analysed and compared with non-irradiated pollen. Conjunctival epithelial cells (CHANG cells) were exposed to irradiated and non-irradiated pollen followed by an assessment of cell viability with the colorimetric MTS test and the impedance-based measurement of cell proliferation using the xCELLigence real-time analysis system. UV light irradiation increased the histamine level of alder and hazel pollen in a dose-dependent manner. CHANG cells treated with irradiated pollen induced a statistically significant higher decrease of cell viability than treatment with non-irradiated pollen. Our results indicate that UV light is able to alter pollen thus making them more harmful for conjunctival cells.

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