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Moser, G; Huppertz, B.
Implantation and extravillous trophoblast invasion: From rare archival specimens to modern biobanking.
Placenta. 2017; 56(2):19-26 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Huppertz Berthold
Moser Gerit

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Extravillous trophoblast invasion serves to attach the placenta to the uterus and to enable access to nutrients for the embryo throughout pregnancy - secretions of the uterine glands in the first trimester, maternal blood in the second and third trimester. For assessing extravillous trophoblast invasion, histology (in combination with immunohistochemistry) still plays a major role in placental research. This is especially true for the re-assessment of rare archival specimens from early human implantation sites or placenta in utero with the background of recent knowledge which may help to strengthen current hypotheses. This review summarizes the recently expanded picture of extravillous trophoblast invasion, gives an overview about fundamental archival specimens in placental research, presents new images of archival specimens, gives insights into the latest developments in the field of biobanking and provides insight into the current situation on sample usage in the absence of biobanks. Modern techniques allow expanding our hitherto believed concept of extravillous trophoblast invasion, which is not restricted to spiral arteries: Extravillous trophoblasts also invade into uterine glands and uterine veins and thereby connect all these luminal structures with the intervillous space. All biomedical research dramatically depends on the quality of the assessed biological samples. Hence, researchers should be aware that the time between collection of a sample from a body and the beginning of analysis (pre-analytical phase) may have more impact on the outcome of a study than previously assumed. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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