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Rabensteiner, DF; Lipp, M; Kirchengast, S; Bauer, H; Horwath-Winter, J; Rieger, G; Loos, W; Schmut, O.
Pollen grains on the ocular surface - how helpful are rinsing-solutions?
SPEKTRUM AUGENHEILKD. 2011; 25(4): 252-256.
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Authors Med Uni Graz:
Bauer Heimo
Horwath-Winter Jutta
Kirchengast Sieglinde
Rabensteiner Dieter
Schmut Otto

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BACKGROUND: On the ocular surface pollen grains are able to provoke allergic reactions as well as the SNAC (seasonal non-allergic conjunctivitis) - syndrome as well. Previous studies have shown that pollen grains can persist on the ocular surface for hours and can elicit the pathogenic reactions for a long period of time. Therefore, it is of interest to investigate rinsing-solutions that efficiently eliminate pollen from the ocular suface. The solutions should be comfortable for the patients and should effectively calm the pain. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Different rinsing solutions (water, physiol. saline, hyaluronate solution, Hallajod-V eye drops, BDH 7 eye drops, ghee) were investigated to eliminate hazel pollen (Corylus avellana) from the ocular surface. Swabs were prepared for the microscopic proof of the presence of pollen immediately after incubation with pollen grains and 1, 3, and 5 hours after rinsing. The trials were performed with 5 probands. RESULTS: Hazel pollen grains could be detected in all swabs after exposition with pollen. On the ocular surface of non-rinsed eyes the presence of pollen was verified even after 5 hours. In contrast the swabs of rinsed eyes showed indeed no complete but a significant reduction of the pollen concentration compared with non-rinsed eyes within the examination period (1-5 hours after rinsing). Rinsing with pure water was reported as uncomfortable, for all other rinsing-solutions tested a comfortable feeling was reported after rinsing. CONCLUSIONS: Wash-out with different rinsing-solutions leads to a significant elimination of pollen grains from the ocular surface. By this method the burdens of a pollen-elicited allergic reaction as well as the seasonal non-allergic conjunctivitis (SNAC) may be minimized.

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