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Gressenberger, P; Posch, F; Pechtold, M; Gütl, K; Muster, V; Jud, P; Riedl, J; Silbernagel, G; Kolesnik, E; Schmid, J; Raggam, RB; Brodmann, M; Gary, T.
Lipoprotein(a) and Pulmonary Embolism Severity-A Retrospective Data Analysis.
Front Cardiovasc Med. 2022; 9: 808605 Doi: 10.3389/fcvm.2022.808605 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Leading authors Med Uni Graz
Gressenberger Paul Georg
Co-authors Med Uni Graz
Brodmann Marianne
Gary Thomas
Gütl Katharina
Jud Philipp
Kolesnik Ewald
Nemecz Viktoria
Posch Florian
Raggam Reinhard Bernd
Riedl Jakob
Schmid Johannes
Silbernagel Günther

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Aim: We aimed to investigate a correlation between PE severity and Lp(a) levels. Methods: We performed a retrospective data analysis from our medical records of PE patients admitted to the University Hospital Graz, Austria. Patients with an Lp(a) reading within a 1-year interval before and after PE diagnosis were included. In accordance with the 2019 ESC guidelines for the diagnosis and management of acute PE, severity assessment was carried out classifying patients into four groups: low risk (LR), intermediate low risk (IML), intermediate high risk (IMH) and high risk (HR). The study period of interest was between January 1, 2002 and August 1, 2020. Results: We analyzed 811 patients with PE, of whom 323 (40%) had low-risk PE, 343 (42%) had intermediate-low-risk PE, 64 (8%) had intermediate-high-risk PE, and 81 (10%) had high-risk PE, respectively. We did not observe an association between PE severity and Lp(a) concentrations. In detail, median Lp(a) concentrations were 17 mg/dL [25-75th percentile: 10-37] in low-risk PE patients, 16 mg/dL [10-37] in intermediate-low-risk PE patients, 15mg/dL [10-48] in intermediate-high-risk PE patients, and 13mg/dL [10-27] in high-risk PE patients, respectively (Kruskal-Wallis p = 0.658, p for linear trend = 0.358). Conclusion: The current findings suggest no correlation between PE severity and Lp(a) levels.

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