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Tuzov, D.
Preservation Solutions for Machine Perfusion in Organ Transplantation
Humanmedizin; [ Diplomarbeit ] Medizinische Universität Graz; 2022. pp. 108 [OPEN ACCESS]


Authors Med Uni Graz:
Leber Bettina
Stiegler Philipp

Organ transplantation is a highly effective treatment for patients with end-stage heart, lung, kidney, liver, and pancreas failure. Regrettably, there is a worldwide shortage of donor organs resulting in high waitlist mortality. One of the strategies to increase the number of available allografts is to use donor organs of substandard quality. However, to achieve acceptable outcomes, there is a need to improve current organ preservation techniques. Machine perfusion is an alternative preservation approach to widely used static cold storage. It is based on the concept of controlled continuous or pulsatile circulation of perfusate through the vascular system of the organ to continuously supply oxygen and nutrients to maintain organ metabolism, as well as to wash out toxic metabolic end products. Recent studies on machine perfusion have shown several benefits of this technique over static cold storage for the preservation of suboptimal organs. There are various concepts of machine perfusion that utilize different perfusates. These perfusates vary in composition from simple buffered and glucose-supplemented crystalloid solutions to highly enriched tissue culture media-like perfusates. Currently, there are no guidelines for the use of specific preservation solutions depending on the machine perfusion technique or the specific organ. The aim of this diploma thesis is to give an overview and comparison of currently investigated perfusion solutions for different concepts of dynamic preservation of intra-abdominal organs.

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