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Romacker, M; Schulz, S; Hahn, U.
Small is beautiful - Compact semantics for medical language processing
In: Horn, W, Shahar, Y, Lindberg, G, Andreassen, S, Wyatt, J. editors(s). ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN MEDICINE; LECTURE NOTES IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE1620: 400-410. (ISBN: 3-540-66162-X)
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Authors Med Uni Graz:
Schulz Stefan

We introduce two abstraction mechanisms by which the process of semantic interpretation of medical documents can be simplified and optimized. One relates to the linguistic generality, the other to the inheritance-based specification of semantic rules. The proposed methodology leads to a parsimonious inventory of abstract, simple and domain-independent semantic interpretation schemata whose effectiveness has been evaluated on a medical text corpus.

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