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Kirchmair, M; Neuhauser, S; Buzina, W; Huber, L.
The taxonomic position of Roesleria subterranea.
Mycol Res. 2008; 112(Pt 10):1210-1219 Doi: 10.1016/j.mycres.2008.04.009
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Buzina Walter

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The genus Roesleria was introduced with the single species Roesleria hypogaea (current name: R. subterranea) by Thümen in 1877. The species was originally described from roots of grapevine and recognised as a facultative root-rotting parasite. The mazaediate ascoma with evanescent asci led to the assumption that Roesleria would be an ally of mazaediate lichens. In this study we calculate 28S, 18S as well ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 rDNA phylogenies. These data indicate that Roesleria is closely related to Hymenoscyphus (Helotiales). In contrast to other members of the Helotiales, the ascospores of Roesleria are passively released, and a distinct apical apparatus cannot be observed by LM. Electron optic investigations have also not elucidated whether the asci of Roesleria are equipped with a rudimentary apical apparatus or not. The passive release of the ascospores is discussed as an apomorphic character that evolved as adaptation to a hypogeous living.
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