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Kresse, A; Jacobowitz, DM; Skofitsch, G.
Detailed mapping of CGRP mRNA expression in the rat central nervous system: comparison with previous immunocytochemical findings.
Brain Res Bull. 1995; 36(3): 261-274.
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Kresse Adelheid

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The localization of CGRP mRNA in neurons of the rat brain and spinal cord was assessed by in situ hybridization histochemistry (ISH) using a radiolabeled synthetic 57-mer oligodeoxynucleotide probe complementary to the rat prepro CGRP mRNA. Results were compared with previously published findings of CGRP-immunoreactive (CGRP-IR) cell bodies revealed by an indirect immunofluorescence technique. The highest numbers of CGRP mRNA expressing neurons as well as the greatest intensity of staining were found in the lateral hypothalamic area, the parabrachial nuclei, and among the cranial motor nuclei, especially in the nuclei of the 7th and 12th nerve and the ambiguus nucleus, which is generally in good agreement with findings assessed by immunocytochemistry (ICH). However, some mismatches between the localization of the peptide by ICH and the localization of the CGRP mRNA were also observed. Thus, ISH was not able to confirm CGRP-IR in cells of the amygdaloid complex and parts of the medial hypothalamus, the central gray, and the inferior colliculus, but ISH revealed considerably more CGRP mRNA expressing cells in the lateral hypothalamic area, arcuate nucleus, posterior and peripeduncular thalamic nuclei, and all cranial motor nuclei than CGRP-IR containing cells found by ICH. Moreover, ISH also revealed CGRP mRNA synthesis in the nucleus of the lateral olfactory tract and in the perihypoglossal nuclei that were devoid of CGRP-IR. The reasons for the observed mismatches still remain to be elucidated; however, intracerebroventricular colchicine pretreatment used to increase immunocytochemical signals also might have induced or suppressed gene expression in certain brain regions in an unpredictable matter. On the other hand, detection of only the mRNA in a certain region does not necessarily mean that also the active peptide is synthesized there.
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