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Emran, AA; Marzese, DM; Menon, DR; Hammerlindl, H; Ahmed, F; Richtig, E; Duijf, P; Hoon, DS; Schaider, H.
Commonly integrated epigenetic modifications of differentially expressed genes lead to adaptive resistance in cancer.
EPIGENOMICS-UK. 2019; 11(7): 732-737. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Richtig Erika
Schaider Helmut

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Aim: To investigate the integrated epigenetic regulation of acquired drug resistance in cancer. Materials & methods: Our gene expression data of five induced drug-tolerant cell models, one resistant cell line and one publicly available drug-resistant dataset were integrated to identify common differentially expressed genes and pathways. ChIP-seq and DNA methylation by HM450K beadchip were used to study the epigenetic profile of differential expressed genes. Results & conclusion: Integrated transcriptomic analysis identified a common 'viral mimicry' related gene signature in induced drug-tolerant cells and the resistant state. Analysis of the epigenetic regulation revealed a common set of down-regulated genes, which are marked and regulated by a concomitant loss of H3K4me3, gain of H3K9me3 and increment of regional DNA methylation levels associated with tumor suppressor genes and apoptotic signaling.

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