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Baulmann, J; Dorr, M; Genzel, E; Stauber, A; Richter, S; Ohlow, MA; Eckert, S.
Feasibility of Calculating Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity from Oscillometric Upper Arm Pulse Waves Using the Antares Algorithm
ARTERY RES. 2022; 28(1): 1-8. Doi: 10.1007/s44200-021-00009-3
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Baulmann Johannes

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Background Antares is an algorithm for oscillometric blood pressure (BP) monitors to determine aortic pulse wave velocity (PWV) solely using oscillometric pulse waves without dependence of any other input. The aim of this study is to test Antares PWV for feasibility and whether the known age and blood pressure dependence of PWV can be shown with Antares PWV. Methods In total, 259 patients were investigated for PWV as sub-study of the invasive validation of Antares algorithm, of which 219 entered analyses. Non-invasive PWV determination by Antares algorithm, integrated into an oscillometric BP monitor (custo screen 400) was compared to five different ePWV equations based on age, BP, or both. Additionally, in a subset of 27 patients, comparison of ARCSolver PWV algorithm (Mobil-O-Graph) with Antares PWV and ePWV was conducted. Results Mean differences +/- SD between Antares PWV and (A) ePWV (based on age and systolic BP) was - 0.05 +/- 1.06 m/s (Spearman's rank correlation coefficient, r(S) = 0.805); (B) ePWV (based on age) was - 1.75 +/- 1.17 m/s (r(S) = 0.829); (C) ePWV (based on mean BP) was - 1.35 +/- 1.24 m/s (r(S) = 0.763), and (D) ePWV (based on age and mean BP) was - 1.64 +/- 1.22 m/s (r(S) = 0.810) and - 1.69 +/- 1.18 m/s (r(S) = 0.802). Comparison of Antares PWV with ARCSolver PWV revealed a mean difference of - 0.65 +/- 1.31 m/s (r(S) = 0.854). Conclusion The Antares algorithm confirmed its feasibility to use an oscillometric BP monitor as a single-point measurement device to calculate aortic PWV with acceptable comparability and high correlation to both estimated PWV and ARCSolver PWV. Antares achieves these results solely based on analysis of waveform features without requiring any secondary input, like BP or age.

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