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Klintschar, M; al-Hammadi, N; Lux, T; Reichenpfader, B.
Genetic variation at the short tandem repeat loci HumvWA, HumFXIIIB, and HumFES/FPS in the Egyptian and Yemenian populations.
J Forensic Sci. 1998; 43(4):850-853
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Reichenpfader Barbara

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The short tandem repeat systems (STRs) HumvWA, HumFXIIIB, and HumFES/FPS were amplified in a triplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) on blood samples from 100 unrelated Yemenians and 100 unrelated Egyptians. The samples were analyzed by native horizontal discontinual electrophoresis. No deviations from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium were detected. The mean exclusion chances for Egyptians and Yemenians were 0.634 and 0.591 (vWA), 0.530 and 0.531 (FXIIIB), and 0.573 and 0.583 (FES); the discriminating powers were 0.937 and 0.924 (vWA), 0.900 and 0.899 (FXIIIB), and 0.918 and 0.921 (FES); and the observed heterozygosity rates were 0.84 and 0.72 (vWA), 0.73 and 0.83 (FXIIIB), and 0.81 and 0.80 (FES). No significant differences were found between the two Arab populations, but the differences between both Arab populations and a European population for HumFES and FXIIIB and between the Yemenian sample and a European sample for vWA were significant. No evidence of linkage disequilibrium between any of the three STRs tested was found.
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