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Mayrhuber, S.
Status Epilepticus from 0 to 100 Years
Humanmedizin; [ Diplomarbeit ] Medical University of Graz; 2014. pp. 88 [OPEN ACCESS]


Autor*innen der Med Uni Graz:
Homann Carl
Urbanic Purkart Tadeja

Status Epilepticus (SE) is one of the most common neurological emergencies and is associated with high morbidity and mortality. A large number of research on specific topics with regards to SE were conducted, but despite various acquired knowledge, there is a lack of reviews and guidelines on the management of SE as a whole. This thesis is mainly based on literature research and aims to give an overview of the recent status of research on SE. It summarizes the outcomes of studies and reviews published in the last 15 years and listed in PubMed and Google Scholar. The primary focus lies on the age of the patient and thus the occurrent differences in etiology, the disease itself, diagnosis, and its treatment methods. All research yields time is brain. Studies conducted on the advances of SE research stated there is still room for improvements regarding treatment options and availability of medication of SE.

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