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Errichetti, E; Zalaudek, I; Kittler, H; Apalla, Z; Argenziano, G; Bakos, R; Blum, A; Braun, R; Ioannides, D; Lacarrubba, F; Lazaridou, E; Longo, C; Micali, G; Moscarella, E; Paoli, J; Papageorgiou, C; Russo, T; Scope, A; Stinco, G; Thomas, L; Toncic, RJ; Tschandl, P; Cabo, H; Hallpern, A; Hofmann-Wellenhof, R; Malvehy, J; Marghoob, A; Menzies, S; Pellacani, G; Puig, S; Rabinovitz, H; Rudnicka, L; Vakirlis, E; Soyer, P; Stolz, W; Tanaka, M; Lallas, A.
Standardization of dermoscopic terminology and basic dermoscopic parameters to evaluate in general dermatology (non-neoplastic dermatoses): an expert consensus on behalf of the International Dermoscopy Society.
Br J Dermatol. 2019;
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Hofmann-Wellenhof Rainer
Soyer Hans Peter
Zalaudek Iris

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Over the last few years, several articles on dermoscopy of non-neoplastic dermatoses have been published, yet there is poor consistency in the terminology among different studies. We aimed to standardize the dermoscopic terminology and identify basic parameters to evaluate in non-neoplastic dermatoses through an expert consensus. The modified Delphi method was followed, with two phases: (I) identification of a list of possible items based on a systematic literature review and (II) selection of parameters by a panel of experts through a three-step iterative procedure (blinded email interaction in Round 1 and 3 and face-to-face meeting in Round 2). Initial panellists were recruited via email from all over the world based on their expertise on dermoscopy of non-neoplastic dermatoses. Twenty-four international experts took part in all the rounds of the consensus and 13 further international participants were also involved in Round 2. Five standardized basic parameters were identified: (I) vessels (including morphology and distribution); (II) scales (including colour and distribution); (III) follicular findings; (IV) "other structures" (including colour and morphology); and (V) "specific clues". For each of them, possible variables were selected, with a total of 31 different sub-items reaching the agreement at the end of the consensus (all the 29 proposed initially + 2 added in the course of the consensus procedure). This expert consensus provides a set of standardized basic dermoscopic parameters to follow when evaluating inflammatory, infiltrative and infectious dermatoses. This tool, if adopted by clinicians/researchers of the field, is likely to enhance the reproducibility and comparability of existing and future research findings and uniformly expand the universal knowledge on dermoscopy in general dermatology. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

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