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Kopera, D.
Wirkung von testosteron auf Haut und Haare
Journal für Klinische Endokrinologie und Stoffwechsel. 2015; 8(1): 16-19. [OPEN ACCESS]
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Kopera Daisy

Testosterone is the most important androgen. Testosterone production starts from adrenarche in both sexes, in males in the testes, in females in the ovaries, and in both sexes to a lesser extent also in the adrenal cortex. Circulating in blood, it is partially attached to sex hormone-binding globulin; the free part represents the active steroid affecting various organs to a certain extent. Testosterone is responsible for the formation of the male phenotype, the development of muscular tissue, the bone density, and in a certain way it influences the fat and sugar metabolism. It also has a big impact on skin, skin appendages, and hair in particular. Testosterone increases sebum production and controls hair growth as well as hair loss.

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