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Fronhöfer, G; Niernberger, T; Anderhuber, F.
Variations in the branching of the internal pudendal artery in the ischioanal fossa.
Ann Anat. 1996; 178(2):133-135
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Anderhuber Friedrich

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The branches of the ischiorectal part of the internal pudendal artery include the inferior rectal artery and small branches to the obturator internus muscle. For our research we had 164 embalmed half pelves, the arteries of which has been injected by the Thiel method. After the dissection of the ischioanal fossa the arteries were documented. Four types of branching of the inferior rectal artery were found. I. (43%) One artery on each side. II. (31%) Two arteries on one side. III. (4%) Three arteries on one side. IV. (22%) Two arteries or more on each side. In the specimens examined we found one branch to the obturator internus muscle in 31%, two branches in 43% and three branches in 11%. In 15% of cases this branch was absent. In seven cases two branches formed an anastomosis parallel to the internal pudendal artery.
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