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Coenen, M; Kuijf, HJ; Huenges, Wajer, IMC; Duering, M; Wolters, FJ; Fletcher, EF; Maillard, PM; Barkhof, F; Barnes, J; Benke, T; Boomsma, JMF; Chen, CPLH; Dal-Bianco, P; Dewenter, A; Enzinger, C; Ewers, M; Exalto, LG; Franzmeier, N; Groeneveld, O; Hilal, S; Hofer, E; Koek, DL; Maier, AB; McCreary, CR; Padilla, CS; Papma, JM; Paterson, RW; Pijnenburg, YAL; Rubinski, A; Schmidt, R; Schott, JM; Slattery, CF; Smith, EE; Steketee, RME; Sudre, CH; van, den, Berg, E; van, der, Flier, WM; Venketasubramanian, N; Vernooij, MW; Xin, X; DeCarli, C; Biessels, GJ; Biesbroek, JM, , Alzheimer's, Disease, Neuroimaging, Initiative.
Strategic white matter hyperintensity locations for cognitive impairment: A multicenter lesion-symptom mapping study in 3525 memory clinic patients.
Alzheimers Dement. 2022; Doi: 10.1002/alz.12827
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Enzinger Christian
Hofer Edith
Schmidt Reinhold

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INTRODUCTION: Impact of white matter hyperintensities (WMH) on cognition likely depends on lesion location, but a comprehensive map of strategic locations is lacking. We aimed to identify these locations in a large multicenter study. METHODS: Individual patient data (n = 3525) from 11 memory clinic cohorts were harmonized. We determined the association of WMH location with attention and executive functioning, information processing speed, language, and verbal memory performance using voxel-based and region of interest tract-based analyses. RESULTS: WMH in the left and right anterior thalamic radiation, forceps major, and left inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus were significantly related to domain-specific impairment, independent of total WMH volume and atrophy. A strategic WMH score based on these tracts inversely correlated with performance in all domains. DISCUSSION: The data show that the impact of WMH on cognition is location-dependent, primarily involving four strategic white matter tracts. Evaluation of WMH location may support diagnosing vascular cognitive impairment. HIGHLIGHTS: We analyzed white matter hyperintensities (WMH) in 3525 memory clinic patients from 11 cohorts The impact of WMH on cognition depends on location We identified four strategic white matter tracts A single strategic WMH score was derived from these four strategic tracts The strategic WMH score was an independent determinant of four cognitive domains.

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