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Zweiker, D; Nurnberg, M.
New developments in antibradycardiac systems
J KARDIOL. 2021; 28(7-8): 223-226.
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Zweiker David

Pacemaker therapy is the gold standard in chronic bradycardia. Since the late 1950's, a generator is usually implanted subcutaneously and it is connected to the cardiac tis-sue using leads. In the last years, evolving technology allowed the development of managed ventricular pacing, rate response optimisation, detailed registration of tachycardia episodes and remote monitoring. Ventricular stimulation can be optimised by septal lead positioning, by addition of a lead in the coronary sinus or by conduction system pacing. Furthermore, leadless systems are used in certain situations. In the near future, leadless system will be applied on a broader basis. In the remote future, human pacemaker cells may replace electronic pacemaker systems.

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