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Hönigl, W; Lang, P; Reich, O; Walcher, W; Giuliani, A; Klimpfinger, M.
Laparoscopic Diagnosis and Organ-Preserving Treatment of Ovarian Pregnancy
GEBURTSH FRAUENHEILK 1997 57: 417-421.
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Autor/innen der Med Uni Graz:
Giuliani Albrecht
Hönigl Werner
Reich Olaf
Walcher Wolfgang

A series of 8 cases of ovarian pregnancy was diagnosed and treated by laparoscopy. The incidence of ovarian pregnancy was 1/1439 deliveries and 2.2/100 ectopic gestations. The median gestational age was 50 days (41-65). The median serum hCG level was 3450 mIU/mL (range 167->20 000 mIU/mL). Preservation of the ovary was achieved in 8/8 cases: a cystic ovarian pregnancy was stripped in 4/8 cases; in 4/8 cases superficial trophoblastic tissue was removed from the ovarian cortex and the implantation site was treated with bipolar coagulation. Histological proof of trophoblastic tissue was given in 8/8 cases. The postoperative course was uneventful and serum hCG declined below the level of detectability (5 mIU/mL) within 8-46 (median 22) days. Early diagnosis and organ preserving treatment can be achieved by laparoscopy.

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