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Pfitzner, A; Zimmerer, S; .
CuClS0.94Te1.06 and CuBrS0.92Te1.08, two new copper(I) chalcogen halides containing neutral (1)(infinity)[STe] screws.
Z ANORG ALLG CHEM. 1996; 622(5): 853-857.
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Autor/innen der Med Uni Graz:
Zimmerer Martin Stephan Erich

CUClS0.94Te1.06 and CUBrS0.92Te1.08 are two new, isotypic compounds of general composition CuXYYANDapos; (X = halide, Y,YANDapos; = chalcogen) with a mixed chalcogen substructure. They crystallize in the monoclinic system, space group P2(1)/n (No. 14), a = 7.878(2), b = 4.727(1), c = 10.759(2) Angstrom, beta = 103.97(2)degrees, V = 388.8(2) Angstrom(3) (CuClS0.94Te1.06) and a = 8.043(3), b = 4.746(2), c = 11.240(4) Angstrom, beta = 103.46(3)degrees, V = 417.3(3) Angstrom(3) (CuBrS0.92Te1.08), both with Z = 4. The crystal structures are dominated by ordered (1)(infinity)[STe+/-0]-screws. From crystal chemical point of view the sulfur and tellurium atoms are significantly different. The melting points are 341 degrees C (CuClS0.94Te1.06) and 336 degrees C (CuBrS0.92Te1.08). The compounds CuXYYANDapos; (X = Cl, Br, I; Y, YANDapos; = S, Se, Te) are compared and discussed.

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copper(I) sulfur tellurium halides
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